Summary: Lesson on Peter’s famous walk and what it can teach us about faith

HOW TO WALK ON WATER: A Three-Step guide to faith

Step 1- Realize who is in charge

Matt. 14.25-27

-Recognizing who Jesus is gives us courage and drives away fear

- If you are not a believer, this means realizing that Jesus is the Son of God and has died for your sins

- If you are a believer, this means recognizing that Christ is Lord of your life, and you should be living like He wants you to

- Either way, Jesus is always there, waiting for you to recognize Him

Step 2- Get your feet wet

Matt. 14.28&29

- Whether a believer or non-believer, you have to decide to step out of the boat you are in

- This could mean accepting Jesus as Lord of your life, deciding to share Him with you friends, etc.

- Wherever you are at, you need to keep walking towards Jesus and grow closer to Him each day

Step 3- Reach out when you start to sink

Matt. 14.30&31

- When things do get a little rough, reach out to Jesus through prayer

- Jesus is the first one we should reach out to, not the last safety net we fall back on

- All we have to do is reach out, He will do the rest

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