Summary: Jesus has a deep desire to help us move beyond "get by" thinking into the victory of winning big

How to Win Big

Matthew 14:13-21

March 15, 1998

Morning Worship


1. What does it mean to win? Vince Lombardi said:Winning isn’t the most important thing it’s the only thing, winning is important in our society, For many people winning means to be the very best, NCAA tournement and the Final Four - every team that makes it to the final four must win 4 games to get there, if they lose in the final four are they losers because they lost one out of four? Most people would say yes, the difference between winning and losing is perspective,proper perspective is what makes us winners, What does it take to win? Hard work, determination, proper perspective

2. Who are people who are winners? Joe Montana - Won several Super Bowls, Michael Jordan has made the Chicago Bulls a winning team - five championship victories, John Grisham is an award winning author, Garth Brooks is a winner of many CMA awards, Norman Swartzkoff won the Persian Gulf war, Are all of these people winners, yes - in their own rights and their own areas they are winners

3. Jesus’ model of victory - Power of Perspective: Jesus never gave up, He was always reaching out, He fought religious rigidness to the point of His death, He never gave up - why, Power of perspective, he knew what had to be done and he had to do it, He always was victorious because He had a proper perspective



I. Jesus had proper pespective

A. Jesus got bad news: Everything is a matter of perspective, Jesus heard about John, Jesus’ cousin, ministry predecessor and friend was dead, He needed some time to mourn and be with God, Jesus needed to grieve, so He tries to get away - crosses the sea to be alone,

B. People followed Jesus: People saw Jesus was leaving so they followed, natural attraction with human need and Jesus, people need Jesus, people knew he left and they followed, they made their way around the sea and did so quickly, they were waiting on the other side,

C. Jesus meets their needs: Jesus sees the crowds of people, this was not a part of His plan, He wanted to be alone, now he had more people to care for, instead of turning them away - He ministered to their needs, He took compassion on the people,

II. Jesus teaches proper perspective

A. Disciples start to get worried: Disciples see all of the people, they see the sun setting, they know people are getting hungry, they might have a riot on their hands if they do not let the people go, they suggest that Jesus tell the people to leave so that they can get food,

B. Jesus challenges the Disciples: Jesus tells the disciples to feed the crowd, disciples saw the problem and not the potential, they lacked proper perspective, they whined to Jesus - not enough food: too hard to feed the people, we do the same thing!, we focus on problems rather than on potential, we whine to God about not being able to serve or not being gifted or whatever, we complain about a lack of resources, God has given us what we need, he will continue to provide our needs, people are like rubber bands,

C. Jesus takes action: Jesus sees that the disciples are going nowhere, he sees that they doubt, He sees the hungry people, He uses this occassion to teach about perspective, Jesus gathers the food, God can and will use the resources that we have to make miracles happen,

III. Jesus gives proper perspective

A. Jesus was God focused: Jesus went to God with what he had, it was consecrated to God’s service, Jesus took the needs to the Father, father supplied the need, Jesus tapped into a source of great power and found victory, instead of stewing - He started doing, when we are faced with a problem we must first go to God, seek His face and His power

B. Disciples take part in the work: Jesus had healed the crowds without the help of the disciples, now he wants to change their mindset and puts them to work, he sets them off to a task, they became an active part of the miracle,

C. New perspective is gained: It is one thing to witness a miracle and it is another to take part in one, Jesus changed their hearts and their minds, it would have been interesting to see their faces when they finished gathering up the tweleve baskets of leftovers, power of God can change perspective,


I. Jesus’ proper perspective

A. Need Meeting: Physical - Jesus healed the sick, he fed the hungry, we are called to do the same, Jesus saw thew needs around Him and met those needs, why - compassion, emotional: Jesus comforted the hurting, healed those with emotional problems, He gave them reason to live, we are to do the same, spiritual - Jesus offered the people the opportunity to know God, we must do the same, we must develop new ways to reach new people, help them to know God in a new way,

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