Summary: This is the fourth sermon in a series on Philippians. This sermon shows three ways to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

I. Introduction

a. Work Out your Salvation (12-13)

i. Paul was urging the church to obey his teaching.

ii. Paul would urge us to do the same.

II. The First Way is to stop Grumbling (14-15)

a. Stop Grumbling for the purpose proving yourselves as being blameless.

b. And for the purpose of being a light in a perverse generation.

III. The Second way is to hold fast to the Word of Life. (16)

a. For the purpose of showing that the work of Paul was not in Vain.

i. The same is true today.

IV. The Third way is to Rejoice in the Faith. (17-18)

a. Rejoice in the faith with one another.

V. Conclusion

a. Verse 12

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