Summary: Four ways to meet the King of Kings.

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* This chapter finds David returning to Jerusalem after a forced exile caused by Absolom his son.

* Absolom is now dead & King David is returning to retake his rightful place on the throne-Israel.

* David’s return finds the people of Israel in various states of mind and in various states of

preparedness for his return. * In this chapter, and in the first verse of chapter 20,

* We are presented with five different people who met the king.

A) Each one meets him with a different attitude & from a different point of view.

* Needless to say, before we are done, we will see that not everyone was happy to see the king!

B) This morning, I want to intertwine this story with the story of another returning King!

* The Bible tells us that there is a King named Jesus who left this earth one day to go back to

heaven from where He originated! * Before He left, He gave His people some promises,

* that stand as a glorious hope for the people of God, but that also stand as a solemn warning

for those outside Jesus! * Notice a couple of those glorious promises:

C) John 14:1-3 "Let not ..." * Acts 1:9-11 "And when he had spoken these things ..."

* Rev.22:20 "He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so ..."

D) Now the truth of the matter is, not everyone will meet Jesus the same way when He returns!

* Some will be excited and happy, others will be caught off guard, still others will be found lost,

* and undone and will find that an eternity in hell is all they have before them!

* The question I have for you this morning is this; How will you meet the King?

E) This morning I would like to look at the lives of five of the men who met King David,

* when he returned from exile & I would like to show you, from the accounts of these men,

* how many will meet King Jesus when He returns some day!

F) As I preach this message, please allow the Lord to speak to your heart & look inwardly,

* at yourself, as you consider the question that must be answered, "How will you meet the King?"

(1) V.16-23 WILL YOU BE WORRIED? * When David returned, two of those who met him,

* were named Ziba and Shimei. * Both of these men had reason to be worried when they saw the

king coming! * Notice what they had done:

A) Let’s Consider Ziba. * When David left Jerusalem, Ziba came to the king & brought him food

and other necessities (2Sam.16:1-4). * In the process of giving food to the king,

* Ziba took the time to slander the name of Mephibosheth, and by doing so, he obtained all the

property that belonged to Mephibosheth under false pretenses.

* In short, Ziba lied to the king & attempted to deceive him. * Therefore, Ziba was worried,

* and rightly so, when he saw the king coming!

B) Let’s Consider Shimei. * When David was about four miles outside the city of Jerusalem,

* on his way into exile, he passed a village named Bahurim.

* As he & his men passed by, a man named Shimei came out & ran along the hillside cursing

David and throwing rocks at him and his men. (2Sam.16:5-13)

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