Summary: Most of us do not realize the real thirst of our soul. In this sermon, Jesus identifies the real thirst of our soul and tells us how to satisfy it.

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JOHN 4:7-26


It may be to improve your marriage

It may be to get married.

It may be to have a child

It maybe to make good on the SAT

It maybe to get accepted into the college of your choice

It maybe to see your child saved

It maybe to just get some relief from a hectic life

It maybe to just pay the bills/ not lose house

It maybe to be healed from chronic condition

These are real and valid desires—thirsts but they may not be the real thirst of your soul.

1. Sometimes we do not really know our real problem.

Illus. Teri’s sleep problem—my sleep apnea

2. You are thirsting this morning but maybe the real thirst of your soul is something different than you think.

B. This was the case with the woman Jesus talked to in our passage today. John 4

1. She did not know the real thirst of her soul or how to satisfy it.

2. Jesus first brings her to see real thirst and then He shows her how to satisfy it.

3. My prayer today is God will use this passage to show you the real thirst of your soul and how you can satisfy it.



A. Jesus directs her conversation to a human need—-”Give me a drink” (7-9)

1. Notice her response—

*she ignores His question

*she centers on the issue of relationship (9)

*we are getting an indication of this woman thirst

2. She is baffled by Jesus

*Man would not talk to a woman like this

*Jew would not ask Samaritan for a drink

B. Jesus shows her there is something better than what she is experiencing (10-14)

1. Living water = running water

*fresh water from a stream in the well vs well water

2. She thinks He is talking about literal water

*we know He is speaking of spiritual water (the real need of her soul)

C. She wants this water so she will not have to thirst again or come back to the well! (15)

D. Jesus reveals this woman has been drinking out of the fishpond of relationships. (16-18)

1.This woman had spent her life seeking to satisfy that thirst deep in her soul with relationships—

*that’s not unusual for women

*men tend to drink from the fishpond of things and accomplishments

2. She had 5 husbands already…

*she had been going from man to man seeking to satisfy that deep thirst in her soul

*she kept coming up thirsty again!

E. Then I think she has an sudden realization (19)

1. She realizes Jesus is a prophet of God

2. She realizes that there is a longing in her soul for a relationship with God

3. To be in the presence of the Son of God brought an realization of her real soul-thirst!

4. Her real soul-thirst was for a meaning relationship—she had that part right

*But she had been seeking that relationship with men rather than with God

*Now she realizes the real thirst of her soul is to have a meaningful relationship with God.

F. She ask Jesus about worship—love relationship with God [worship=kiss + toward]

1.”That’s the real thirst of my soul—now how can I satisfy that thirst?”

2. How can I have that meaningful relationship with God that will satisfy the deep longings of my life?

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