6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: As a Individual we have can have a impact on the way others act.

How many of you today are familiar with the song

Every where you go you always take the weather bye Crowded House

I’d heard this song repeated at work over and over again and asked the question, is this song more than a catchy tune or is there a point the song is trying to make? what’s it saying? I believe it a reference to the impact a individual makes on others. It’s saying this person has an impact. makes a difference. changes the weather the atmosphere. In other words this song is saying your presence has the power to change things.

Think about that for a moment! It is very true; and it can be for the better or worst. What is your presence? It is your attitude. Your presence is your attitude and you better believe it; it has a impact on others.

That then begs the question what kind of impact does your presence bring? Repeat! what kind of impact does my presence bring?

Your presence can have a positive effect on others or it can have a negative impact on others; as Christians Ideally we are impacting positively on others. Others should feel and act better when there around us. Others should feel and act better when there around us. That’s exactly the impact God wants from you.

There is what God says about you and me in Matthew 5:13 Read You! that us. are the salt of the Earth. What does Salt do? Brings out the best in the food; brings out the best flavors of the food.

God’s saying your presence is to bring out the best in others. God not saying by that, we or mankind are good, because all have sinned; and you me and all need the blood of Jesus, what he is saying though is that we are to act in a way that makes it easier for others to respond in a positive way Understanding this will effect every thing you do. Effect every way you act. Phi 2:4 Every one should be looking out not only for his interest but for the interest of other also We should be building up and encouraging others Phi 4:8 read. And now, dear brothers and sisters, let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9

Practice bringing out the best in other. it simply means serving others; isn’t that what Jesus instruct us to do? Matthew 20: 28 read. For even I, the Son of Man, came here not to be served but to serve others,

Now I will tell you give and example of where some people served and consequently the best was brought out in others. At the last Car wash that the youth were involved in, where they serve by washing Cars for free; some of the people recipients responded by making donation’s buying them drinks and chocolates amazing! as Meredith put it; giving encourages giving. The people couldn’t help themselves. The youth were bring out the best in others. It really works! it does and when you do it you fulfill your obligation to God


There are many; many ways in every day life that we have the opportunities to bring out the best in others. Here is one

Next time your driving and your in a situation where you both have a claim to a car park or the right of way, try giving up the park or right if it is safe to do so, and see what happens, see what happens. I think you know that they will respond positively, you will get a smile or wave. When I am riding my bike people walk when they should wait, they wouldn’t go if I was a car or truck but generally I don’t try to run them over or give them looks that can kill, instead I try to practice showing them love. they normally respond positively.

But sadly Cars can tend to bring out the worst in us; making it very hard for us then to bring out the best in others. I have just finished read a book titled Tuesdays with Moray. Moray was a dying man who discovered some eternal truths, that he kindly put in a book. He had come to realize he was at his happiest when serving others. Until then he used to give the finger to those who would cut him off or steal his park; only to find all this did was to make things worse. he’d get angry and develop a stinking mood; not much fun; as well as most times lose his park or his place. Coming to see there was no point in reacting the way he did he decide to simple change his finger salute into a friendly wave because that made him feel better. That what God want’s from us; but not just so we will feel better and won’t feel anger, but because we have served the other person and they have responded positively. We have bought the best out in them; Made a difference! impacted! changed the weather as the song puts it.

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