Summary: 3 qualities of a healthy love life w/ the Lord.

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How's Your Love Life?

Romans 12:9-11

v. 9 conviction

v. 10 affection

v. 11 enthusiasm

Allow me to introduce to you two imaginary Christians: Both are saved, but each is living the Christian life entirely differently from one another...they are opposites.

Miserable Marvin

Though saved, he has an unhealthy love life w/ Jesus. He always has a smile and shakes hands, but something doesn't ring true. He is totally interested in himself. His attitude is, what's in it for me? He's never served much in church or been on visitation. He complains about things, but never part of the solution. He has no walk w/ God. He rarely opens his Bible and prays only over food...if he doesn't forget to.

Hallelujah Harry

He also smiles and greets you, and it seems real. He is excited about the things of God, and has a real walk w/ God. He is always trying to be a blessing to others in the church he serves in.

What's the difference? It's their love life.

v. 9 Love = agape. [not eros or phileo] Agape love is totally unselfish. It is sacrificial and self giving. Greek literature hardly ever uses this word. It is so uncommon in worldly literature because it was in their culture a sign of weakness. After all, it's a dog eat dog've got to look out for's every man for himself!

Agape love is the supreme virtue of a true believer. [& of God!] It is what Christianity is all about. It is the keynote of the Christian. After Jesus washed the disciples' feet [a task reserved for lowly slaves] he said, here's a new one another, and that's how the world will know you are my followers!

Dissimulation = hypocrisy. [mask wearer] Many Christians just play the part. I'm playing the good guy, not the bad guy. White hat, not black. Smiley face, not frowny.

How's Your Love Life?

Qualities of a healthy spiritual love life:

1. Conviction

v. 9 Hate evil and love good = conviction. [love God, hate sin, serve others!]

The true test of spiritual love is not if you can raise your hands during a praise is the choice of a holy walk w/ God!

Real love is not wishy washy emotionalism. It's not letting people do what the please. Real love draws lines and has some convictions about right and wrong.

It is impossible to truly love w/ out hating. The Dr. that loves to bring health hates disease. The firefighter that loves to save people hates fire.

Psalm 97:10

Ye that love the LORD, hate evil:

God is love. It was love that motivated Him to allow Jesus to die for us. He is love...and yet he hates!

He loves homosexuals, but hates that sin. And I believe He loves Chic-Fil-A!

Proverbs says He hates murder, lying, pride, strife. Malachi says God hates divorce. He hates such things because He loves people!

Real love has some conviction. Don't allow yourself to become so desensitized by this world that you stop hating sin. We are bombarded by sinful images all around us in this media generation.

The only real safeguard against sin is that we continue to be shocked by it!

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