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Summary: A sermon on how the church should function according to 1 Timothy Chapter 5.

Hunger for Respect


Welcome all campuses HUNGER FOR RESPECT

How many of you have seen the Hunger Games or read the books?

I saw it in the theatre. It all has to do with respect. In a game that is kill or be killed…It’s all about the value of friendship, respect, loyalty, family and being a part of a team.

The initial object of the game in the movie is that the last one alive wins. The human element sets in throughout the games and it really becomes a lesson in dealing with life TOGETHER. It’s not a one man or one woman adventure, it’s a journey that deals with valuing the ones you love the most, taking care of them.

As a church, we need Jesus, yes…but we also need each other.

HG – Katniss couldn’t do it alone. She couldn’t and wouldn’t survive on her own, she needs friends, family and loved ones.

As a church family, how we treat one another with RESPECT is so important. 1 Tinothy 5 is a manual on how to do it within a church family!

V 1-2 Paul starts out talking about an age-old problem. How to deal with one another generationally.

Apparently Timothy and other young leaders are frustrated with some of the older generation.

No matter how difficult an old person is, we need to treat them with respect. There’s so much we can learn from the older generation!

HG – The younger contestants are given mentors that are older, wiser. The story plays on the struggle between the two.

We’ve all been frustrated with someone older, we’ve been in Timothy’s shoes!

ILL – Old man neighbor who would always cuss us out, my kids, my friends, Rachel and I. It was really bad. I always tried killing it with kindness and respect. Not always easy. Repair man that came out one day, cussed him back, I was around the corner going YES!!!! Haha…

Sometimes the younger gen can help the older gen…we just need to do it the right way!

Young people, it’s ok to correct the older generation IN LOVE and RESPECT.

Young people also RESPECT the older generation! You have SO much to learn from them!

Paul goes on to say that in the church, we need to take care of the older generation, women especially, like they’re our mothers! We are to treat the younger women like our own sisters.

This needs to be a FAMILY atmosphere!

We need to treat women with respect!

Single guys, THIS IS NOT A BAR. You’re not here to hook up, or make out…THESE WOMEN ARE NOT AS INTO YOU AS YOU’RE INTO YOURSELF!

The church should be the safest place for women!

I’m talking to you, Captain Horny! Tone is down a notch!

I get it, we’re guys, we’ve got nothing going on up there!

Women are to be RESPECTED

ILL – Rachel and I 10th grade playing basketball in the driveway. Grope fest. A lot of technical fouls. She could have filed a lawsuit. My dad got a hold of me RESPECT WOMEN!


HG – Women were not respected but they (SPOILER ALERT) outlasted the men with wisdom, emotions and caring. Let that be a lesson to us, they will kill us all. Ha Fall in line boys….

V 3- 16 talks about how to treat widows and single moms.

It’s a theme throughout the Bible. It’s actually assumed that before the need of a widow even gets to the church, it should be handled by the family, by a loved one. Yes, YOU.

Paul also addresses single moms that have been unfaithful or had children out of bad situations and decisions before they were married!

Do you know what they need? NOT govt assistance, NOT a free lunch meal plan at school, NOT free daycare. They need a God honoring HUSBAND. One that respects them, one that fears the Lord and isn’t a self absorbed MORON.

Men need to man up and step up.


It’s NOT just the job of the church!

Paul also implores women to look after women, as they know their needs and emotions better than men. WOMEN…are you doing this? Mentoring another woman? Younger women have so much to learn from older, Christ centered women. They’re important to God and important to the church.

Older women, this should make you feel great! You have your own scripture here! Older women cheer everywhere! HA…you won’t do it because you won’t admit you’re old! I’m a dead man.

I get my own scripture too! Listen…

1 Tim 5:17 Let the elders who rule be worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching!

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