Summary: Awesome Sermon in the Hunger Games

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Junior High/ Middle School, High School, Young Adult


Convictions, Standing up for what’s right

Key Scripture

Daniel 3

The Point

You must have the courage to stand up for what is right


Youtube video, Pool Noodles




Download Hunger Games trailer 2 from youtube

(I use

Ideas for the Sermon

Play your own version of The Hunger Games. To play this game you will need a pool noodle, large open area, at least six students and pieces of 10-inch cardboard or round plastic bases for each player. Select one student to be the candidate and give him the pool noodle. Put a cardboard or plastic base on the ground and ask him to stand on it. Ask the other students to form a circle around him, standing approximately 10 to 15 feet away from him. Give each of them a cardboard or plastic base and ask them to stand on it.

The candidate tries to touch (not hit) the other boys’ head or feet with the pool noodle. However, he and the other players cannot move from their base at any time during the game. The players can avoid the pool noodle by jumping or ducking at the appropriate time. Any boy touched by the pool noodle is eliminated from the game. Play continues until just one boy remains. That boy becomes the winner.

In this message we will be looking at lessons from the hottest thing going right now, The Hunger Games. Let’s start out by watching the trailer to this awesome movie.

Show trailer 2

Start out by giving this synopsis of the movie in your own words or if you used the first lesson in this series recap the last message.


In Suzanne Collins’ riveting tale of life in North America after its destruction, a powerful Capitol emerges as residents of its twelve outlying Districts individually struggle to survive under its bleak rule. Living under the constant reminder that the Capitol obliterated District 13 when the people incited a rebellion decades before, 16-year old Katniss Everdeen quietly carves out a path of meager survival for herself, her younger sister, Prim, and their widowed mother under the Capitol’s strict regime.

Each year, the Capitol assembles its Gamemakers to create an elaborate arena filled with deadly trigger points and calls upon one girl and one boy from each of the twelve Districts to play in its nationally televised Hunger Games. On the Day of Reaping when 24 children are selected to fight to the death, Katniss is whisked away from her daily quest for survival alongside her friend Gale, and thrust into the elaborate Capital as she is prepared for the Hunger Games.

In this world of instant gratification and superficial people, Katniss contends with her drunken, disengaged mentor, Haymitch, and wrestles with her feelings about her co-Tribute from District 12, Peeta Mellark. Growing up apart from Peeta in the same District, Katniss struggles to determine if Peeta is the boy who once showed her an act of kindness pivotal to her family’s survival, or if his actions are motivated to keep himself alive, as the Capital will allow only one Tribute to survive the Hunger Games’ treacherous arena.

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