Summary: Just because the water is muddy doesn’t mean it’s deep. Message derived from listening to many great men of God. (nothing original)

I. Hungering for the Word of God

II. Hearing of the Word of God

III. Honor Given to the Word of God

IV. How to properly Handle the Word of God

(1) Having a desire for the word of God Love it more than Gold.

Little boy ask his father why there were so many Bibles around the house. Father stumbled through a

flimsy reason. Next he ask where they came from and the father replied "from God."The Little boy ask

why they were never used. Again the father stumbled through another excuse. Finally the little boy

said why don’t we just give them back to God we don’t use them.

(2) Hearing

Ne 8:3 And he read therein before the street that was before the water gate from the morning until

midday, before the men and the women, and those that could understand; and the ears of all the people

were attentive unto the book of the law.

They were not clock watchers! 11sharp 12 dull

The clock chimed 12 and the church gave up her dead.

vs3 they were ATTENTIVE

(3) Honor Vs 5 there faces to the ground lifted hand and said amen (Nothing wrong with Amen)

Ne 8:5

And Ezra opened the book in the sight of all the people; (for he was above all the people;) and when he

opened it, all the people stood up: Ne 8:6 And Ezra blessed the LORD, the great God. And all the

people answered, Amen, Amen, with lifting up their hands: and they bowed their heads, and

worshipped the LORD with their faces to the ground.

It’s easier to cool down than to warm up. Biggest danger is getting COLD not enthused!

Man visiting a church began to say amen then praise the Lord the amen again I was just getting

excited about the Lord! Well, you didn’t get it here!

I’ve seen Wooden Cigar Indian more excited about the Lord than some so called Christians!

Most people think that they come to church and I’m the performer and God is the prompter and they are

the audience

1- God is the audience

2 I’m the Prompter

3-You are the Performer (study-work-be doers-teach-go-present-labor-witnessing-)

(4) How to properly handle the Word of God : Ne 8:8 So they read in the book in the law of

God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.

Read the Book! Analyze it! Organize it! Deacons teachers Study!!!!!!

Just because the water is muddy doesn’t mean it’s deep

Cut the light out (sun, stars, moon) See His Coming Brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure this is not original but it’s good to preach. Hope it helps you as you develope your own style!

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