Summary: This sermon examines how relevant The Ten Commandments are for believers, focusing on the first commandment.(Exodus 20:1)

Sermon Outline for Sunday November 4th, 2012

Fellowship Baptist Church

Senior Pastor R. Rubino

2929 West 20th Street (718)-372-5022

"Hurricane Sandy: The Inside Scoop" The Ten Commandments, God's Perfect Law- Part 3

1) The first commandment sets up a foundation of righteousness. Without the first commandment all civilizations develop into engines of bondage and repression. (Isaiah 14)

2) Those who do not have the God of the Bible as their covenant leader are headed towards lawlessness and destruction. (Luke 22:7-30) The land itself will "spit them out" for behaving like unbelievers. (Leviticus 18)

3) The United States is in the process of denying the God which has blessed them. This nation will experience a true reformation in the Church or perish. (Jeremiah 2) Do not blame the Federal government, United Nations, Homosexuals, Islam, Zionists, Feminists, Evolutionists, Jesuits, the Easter Bunny or the Boogey Man for our downfall. Place the blame at the feet of a whore church who teaches doctrines of devils. (1Peter 4)

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