Summary: I am coming quickly says the Lord, no one knows the hour, nor the day, not even the angels nor the son of God. Only the Father knows.

I am coming! I am coming quickly!

By Rev. Chad M. Brown

Matthew 24:36 (NIV)

No one knows the hour, not even the day, not even the angels in heaven, not even the Son of God, but only the father knows.

This may sound like I am off subject. But can you think of a time when you rebuked your children? Can you remember scolding harshly to your children using hard profanity, or use of physical punishment?

What were your feelings on this? I bet you felt terrible after all was said and done. But when it came time to talk about why you delivered punishment, you couldn’t say “ I am sorry” could you?

I should have changed this sermon to Suffer the children, but towards the end of my sermon you will see why, I wrote this.

I can remember a few with my stepchildren. Today when I sit down, I pray to the Almighty God, that he will forgive me. I was never an easy parent, nor is it easy being a parent. The bible scriptures above, has led me to a path that in hopes my son, and my other children will go to the Lord freely. I would rather send them to the Lord then to rebuke them to the Lord.

What happens when a child of ours gets older and refuses to go to church?

What happens when a child of ours gets into trouble with the law of man?

I have found this to be even more disturbing and heart breaking of all. I too have walked that path in life. But they to can have the same salvation as we do. We have to pray for them. We have to let them know the end of the times will be here very soon, just as Jesus said it would be. Only his Father knows. We will never know the day or the hour. Matthew 24:36

I would rather you read the whole chapter of Matthew 24. It talks of the end of times, and when Jesus will be here. But most of all it talks about the warning signs and what you should do.

Do we ignore our children that have strayed away from God? NO!

We can pray for them. We can ask God to bring the Holy Spirit to our lost heart. After Jesus was tempted by the devil, the angels came and ministered to him. Well we can also get the Holy Spirit to minister our souls and our child’s souls. How do we do this?

We ask God for forgiveness, and ask him to send us the Holy Spirit to help us.

I have found that the prayer that talks about accepting Jesus into our hearts because we are sinners works. The born again prayer, oh isn’t it wonderful that we get God’s love and mercy all the time.

I love the scripture that says, “ I, Jesus is coming, I am coming quickly!” I am ready for my Lord, and Savior. I am willing and ready to do his will and his work.

Today lets kneel down with our children, lets teach them what God has in life for us. One of the many things I have learned from my son is how he loves life. My son, loves looking up at the sky, the trees, the animals, and tell me about it. He loves God’s creation. I am having a difficult time showing him it is God’s work. I have a feeling in time, the more I tell him, he will soon know, that God made the world for him and many people to enjoy it. I am however saddened that he has to live in the roughest of the times. I have great faith the God will guide him through the way.

I often say this. Leave it into the Hands of the Father, and he will take care of it. We just have to do the work when he gives it to us to work on. The Great Alpha, the omega, the beginning and the end, is like a schoolteacher in many ways. He gives us homework, and gives us back the work we turned in.

This is why we say “ God has a purpose for me here, I have work to do”.

I admire many of my family members who love children. They are constantly showing them how they too can have the Lord at their side. They are forever praying for others, and reaching out to the lost sheep. Have you done this?

When you wake up in the morning. Pray that God will guide you and help you learn from your children. Ask that his Holy Spirit comes to your heart and mend the broken pieces.

Forgive your child, and ask him or her for a hug and say I love you.

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