Summary: A life transforming and a challenge to fruitfullness in the Kingdom of God and life.An eye opener that in Christian walk there are many things that can limit us,things that we regard as normal.These include time,tradition,age and so forth.Break them!

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“And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.” mark 4:35

Going beyond natural & common barriers!

You are crossing over to the other side of your life. It was good that you have been on this side. You have seen and done all. It’s time to pass over to the other side. If you have been a sinner, poor, sick, ignorant, unwise, fearful, and faithless and so forth you need to cross over to the other side. Unless and until you do so you shall be useless material and ineffective. You thus need to break all the natural & common limitations of life.

There was no life in Egypt until the people crossed over to the other side of the Red sea. There was no life in the Old Testament until we crossed over to New Testament. You need to cross over from shame to glory, from valley to mountain top, from an outcast to the good most, from nobody to someone. It doesn’t matter what the natural laws of this world say. You have to cross over to the other side. With God and by His word all is possible.

In the above scripture we hear Jesus and His disciples planning to cross over to the other side of the sea. The day had ended and it was evening. After a serious day of teaching, casting out evil spirits one would expect them to rest. This was not so with these fellows. The natural was telling them its night, its time to sleep, the body is tired and the night is not safe for traveling. All this was not a discouragement to these fellows; they had to cross over to the other side. The first step towards crossing over is breaking all the limiting natural barriers. These barriers include tradition, races, language, order, protocol, fear, time and bodily desires. You will not be a changed person if you allow these barriers to work in your life. As long as you are full of excuses in your life you will remain like that.

There are many good things over to the other side. You have to use every available time to make it there. You need to have a serious desire enough, when all are saying lets call it a day you will say good morning I am ready to work now. When others are saying we are finished you stand and say I am starting. When nothing in the physical or sensible according to our understanding is saying its impossible you go for it. Many times our minds, knowledge, education, past success and the crowds limit us. Break these common and natural barriers by the word of God, faith and being with Jesus.

The life you are living now is not your original life. You are entitled to live your God given life. Do you think if God is looking at you He will be able to happily say aha! This person is doing, living hundred percent well. Do you think He will rejoice that you are working efficiently and as intended? NO! Not even once! You need to cross over to the other side. No one has ever said you can’t do new things that were never known before. It’s all lies to say all we can do now is to improve or modify. It’s not true that miracles are no longer possible now. It’s not true that all you see in your life is all you are. It’s not true!

There is more to that my friend. You need to cross over to the other side. With Jesus it’s possible. The greatest tragedy the world over experienced is trying to cross over without Jesus. Cross over with God. Break all the natural barriers. Refuse to be hindered by time, age or anything good in life. You can cross over even now.

Check out for the second series titled ‘Right sizing your luggage!’

God bless you!

Written by Raphiel Manenge 01/08/05;

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