Summary: Knowing the ’what to have and have not’ of a Christian.Teaches and reminds you of the size and contents of your lugguage in christian walk.The first in the kit is Jesus Christ and the First to be thrown out is sin.

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“And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships.” mark 4:36

Right sizing your luggage!

Many people are excessively loaded with garbage. Fatty and obsess people have serious social and health problems in life. They can’t walk, run, speak, and do anything well without difficulties. They are prone to more diseases than slim or people of good weight. You can’t walk well when carrying too much load. Crossing over to the other side is almost impossible with excess luggage. You need trim and right size your luggage. What’s stopping you from moving on? put down the excess load and cross over.

I have heard many people saying I have believed prayed and even fasted but nothing worked for me. All you did was just breaking the common and natural barriers. You aren’t in the wrong track you just need to move on the second step. You are already crossing over. Like a builder you have been breaking the ground, clearing the forest. Remember that does not bring up a building. You need now need to start digging the foundation, removing the unwanted material and leave the required substance. You need to cross over to the other side my friend.

There is a crowd with you now. It was fine to be crowded in this side, but not when you want to cross over. You are crowded with doubt, fear, procrastination, lust, sins and so forth. It was fine for you to doubt in your studies so that you carry out a test, hypothesize and so forth. This does not work if you want to cross over. You have to send away the multitude away. You don’t need to do things because that’s what the majority are doing. Sent away the multitude .All your worries are not needed in this journey. You need to empty your bags of life, mind and heart. You need to do away with helpless, unproductive, ineffective friends, programmes, jobs, ways and dreams. Don’t just be like wind which takes everything. Sent the multitude away and start to cross over.

Ask yourself is it really necessary for me to have this or that. Do you really need to have an extra marital affair when you are married? Is it really necessary to have so many friends who don’t challenge your crossing over? Certain people, thoughts, words, behavior, beliefs, fears and habits have to be bided goodbye so that you cross over. Is it really necessary to study accounting when you want to be a medical doctor? When you can employ an accountant for your work? Do you really need to use these resources on this project when it’s not the core business? Do you really need to watch TV five hours a day?

Just take with you the necessary things. In your journey take Jesus. Although some other small boats like faith, prayer, ideas may come along. Jesus is the first to be taken in. Your ship has to be the biggest. Don’t involve Jesus on petty issues. Think big dreams, plans and achievements that would need Jesus with you. Small dreams will however be considered but be a person of vision, a person of great things, a person of mighty ways. That’s the reason why Jesus Had to be there. The journey is not a small one. Jesus was not taken in small ships even though they were there. He was in a biggest ship.

Carryout massive stocks take in your life. Check your mental, physical, health, academic, financial, social, spiritual, career, family and goals. See if all you have is necessary for the change you need in your life. Do away with the unwanted and remain with the wanted. Remember the first on the unwanted list is sin and the first of the wanted list is Jesus, Holy spirit, faith etc. The problem is treating Jesus like a church caretaker, who is only confined to the church building. Never to be seen anyway. Jesus is always and anywhere.

Make sure your luggage is rightly packed. Tom and Jerry is not for this journey. Refuse anything to just hand around with you. Have the right and quality things with you.

Check out for the third series titled ‘Storms will rise!’

God bless you!

Written by Raphiel Manenge 02/08/05;

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