Summary: A reminder sermon on remembering Jesus as the first port of call for our solutions.Teaching us that our own ways are fruitless,ineffective and disappointing.Only when we Awake the Master-Jesus Christ will our joy,peace,love,victory be accomplished.

“And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?” mark 4:38

Awake the Master!

The master is not brought in for small issues. I learnt of a master key which is used to unlock anywhere .This key is not used all the times unless something big has happened. Many people don’t even have it; they only need it in serious unusual times. The master key would be ‘sleeping’ somewhere. In your life as a believer is Master. Right inside of your heart is a Master of your life that you need always. You are suffering and wailing but the Master is with and in you. Storms are rising and you are complaining and mocking God but the Master is there. You will definitely cross over to the other side but you need to awake the Master!

I have seen many instances when small and big problems would arise. When the master in that area is called I would be left excitedly amazed. The master would just do one or two things and all will be fine. If you are a born again Christian you have the Master. No wonder why the bible says all things are possible to those who believe, they have the Master. Ahaziah king of Israel wanted to enquire from Beelzebub the god of ekron whether he would live or die. Elijah the man of God then met the messengers on their way and tells them to ask the king if there was no God in Israel that he wanted to enquire from Beelzebub an idol god. When storms rise my friend awake the Master. Awake the Master.

The verse above is after the verse of the (verse 37) storm had risen against the disciples. These fellows wanted to cross over to the other side. Their eyes and imagination were no longer in the sea neither where they came from but on the other side. The great storm that was beating against their ship and filling it with water made them to awake the Master. I believe they had tried doing something on their own. They possibly had tried scooping the water out. They had tried praying, binding the storm and so forth yet failed. Thank God they realized they had taken the Master with them. The scripture said the Master was in the hinder part sleeping on a pillow. He was not even moved by the storm, the Master need not to fear anyway. He could safely sleep in the storm. They wondered why He could sleep when they are perishing. Don’t always think storms, problems, sickness, bankruptcy and so forth means perishing. No! You need to clear this wrong belief from your mind. Storms, problems, sickness, opposition and challenges mean your victory, your promotion your enlistment only if you awake the Master.

Right now in you is Master-Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what comes against you. The Master is in you. The only requirement is for you to say arise oh God that the enemies may scatter. You simply have to say Christ in me the hope of my glory shine forth. You only have to say Jesus you are with me help me to overcome my unbelief I want to cross over. The bible says those with the son of God have already overcome the world. What’s wrong with you friend awake the Master. Shake Him heavily until He wakes up and tell Him Master I want to cross over but there is this and that coming against me.

The Master is in you. Don’t worry you will cross over. You will make it. With Jesus you will do great things than He did on earth. Just say Jesus shine forth. Refuse to be scared away by situations that fill your ship. Winds and waves might make frightening sound but awake the Master. The Master is more experienced. All we face today He conquered. Awake the Master and cross over. Let storms come so that the Master may wake up.

You will cross over. Your life doesn’t need to remain the same. You are disgracing the Lord by the way you react against problems and storms. Running away, complaining, suicide, fear, giving up, frustration is not an option for a child of God. You need to awake the Master and move ahead as you cross over!

Watch out for the fifth series ‘Just speak they will hear!’

God bless you!

Written by Raphiel Manenge 04/08/05;

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