Summary: A sermon affirming that all things came by,through and from the Living Word of God.Thus all things living and non-living can hear,obey and submit to the Word of God.If problems,storms, demons, sickness , etc arises Just speak they will hear!

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“And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” mark 4:39

Just speak they will hear!

Your words have creative and authoritative power. All we see today came as a result of the spoken words. Many times people when in trouble will cry and say ‘this is exactly what I was saying’. This only shows how their words will have created the situation. No wonder why it’s very important to always say good and excellent words to yourself or anything. God knows what we want before we even ask Him .The surprising thing is that we have to speak it in prayer to receive and have it. Whatever is your bother, your storm just speak it will hear. You have to cross over my friend.

The earth was void (empty space); then God said let there be light and light was there. He continued the ‘Let there be’ saying and many things come to existence. Adam gave names of all things that have names today by his speaking. God cursed Adam, Eve and the serpent and the words came to be, today people are dying, toiling the land, women having great pain in labor and the serpent is moving by the belly. God one day told Moses to just speak to the rock so that water would come. Elijah simply said there shall be no rain in the land for three and half years and it happened. He later said there shall be heavy rains and it happened. Jesus Christ would just say you are healed and sickness would disappear. The apostles in the book of Acts told one man that he was going to be blind and it happened there and then. You can just speak and they will hear. Your mouth is a base of powerful weapon store.

In the above scripture when the storm was seriously attacking the ship the disciples awakened the Master Jesus. When Jesus rose He didn’t panicked, He didn’t try to scoop the water out, He didn’t pray, He didn’t do all things that we may think could have been right to do. He simply spoke to the sea and said peace be still and there was great calm. He first rebuked (tell off) the wind and then speak to the sea. The wind was the problem but it was causing the storm from the sea to rise against the ship. Jesus dealt with the manifestations first then went to the source.

The word rebuke means to scold or reprove or tell off. When you scold something you are telling it to mind its own business. When someone is scolding you, you will not be willing to stand in their presence again. Jesus possibly said to the wind, you wind you are foolish, do you know who & what you are doing and to whom, now mind your own business and leave us alone. This might be the kind of words used. Then He turned to the sea and said you sea peace be still and there was great calm. Storms need to be rebuked. They need a serious scolding. You need to stand up and put your left hand on your waist and with your right hand pointing to the storm. Tell it to mind its own life. Tell it to leave you alone. Tell it to go away never to come back. Tell it to get mad at itself and not you. Tell it to sow on big wings and fly very far away from your life. Tell it to vaporize from you quickly. Then turn to the source of the problem and say peace be still!

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