Summary: This sermon is to challege the believer they are doing a great job and they must keep on working hard for the Lord.

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Text: Nehemiah 6:1-4

Introduction: Nehemiah and the people were working together to rebuild the walls. Some troublemakers decided they wanted to delay the work. Nehemiah decided things were going great and he wasn’t going to stop the work while things were going good.

I. Satan Will Bring Problems To Delay God Work

A. When we get busy doing God’s work Satan will do all he can to delay or prevent us from getting the job done.

B. Satan sometimes uses things to distract us form what really needs to be done.

II. Stability Is Needed When Confronting Problems

A. The leadership was stable and if we are going to be effect in the Church we must have stable leadership.

B. When problems come when we are doing the work of the ministry if the leadership isn’t stable it affects the effectiveness of the Chuurch.

III. Success Comes From Following Through With Right

A. The did what was right even when their were those you wanted to stop the work.

B. If we want our ministry to be successful we must follow through by doing what is right.

IV. Strength Comes From Working Together

A. The people had strength because they worked together.

B. We can gain strength in the ministry by working together and striving for a common cause.

V. Safety Can Be Possible When Job Is Complete

A. When they completed the job the wall was up to protect them from any enemy.

B. When we as a Church work together to get the job done we can see safety as the job is complete. Satan may attack but when souls are saved, Church attendance has grown, & Sunday School is growing we can see the protecting hand of the Lord which will secure us.

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