Summary: How to have an affair of the heart with Jesus

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You say you Love Jesus, but are you having an affair with him? Is the love you have for Jesus one of reverence or do you know him so personally that you can say that you are having an affair with him?

Chances are if you are at least 20 years old you have experienced an AFFIAR OF THE HEART. Perhaps this was with your high school sweetheart, who later became your spouse, or this may have been someone you met later in life, it doesn’t really matter. No matter the circumstances of your relationship if you have experienced an AFFAIR OF THE HEART then you have felt the following:

Pure, divine, and magical feelings, a temporary madness or perhaps lifetime wisdom. Perhaps you felt on top of the world or felt like sacrificing everything you have. Chances are you wanted to dedicate the rest of your life to that special someone, you couldn’t imagine ever being without them. In the beginning you almost die with happiness and if it ends you feel like a big part of you has died.

A beautiful affair of the heart can strike anybody, at any age, and with many strange experiences. Any relationship that gives you joy, happiness and satisfaction can be termed as an affair of the heart. People say that this type of love is a little different as compared to usual romance. It does not involve a sexual relationship and is beyond physical attraction. In such affairs the person feels inert love for someone, likes their companionship and is impressed by their thoughts and way of life.

It is said that an affair of the heart makes a person become a better human being, who believes in sacrifice, peace, honesty, and selfless love. The only thing that person wants to do is keep their love happy forever. People in such relationships never ask for love in return and never force the other person to love them back. A person with an affair of the heart can be recognized by observing subtle signs and habits.

They say when you are in love you can't sleep because reality is better than dreams. These people also tend to feel very light, elevated, and happy. Some of them also feel very enthusiastic and excited. Many of them admit that their perspective to look at life has become more positive and hopeful. They are generally engaged in constructive activities and wish for the well-being of the society in general. The love and compassion makes them a sensitive and emotional person. They tend to understand the goodness of life and humanity better. A person with an affair of the heart never lies and stands by what they believe in. An affair of the heart is based on simple gestures of love and on the grounds of sacrifice, commitment, trust and selflessness.

Having an affair with Jesus provides you with all of these things. When you truly enter into an AFFAIR OF THE HEART with Jesus you feel joy, and happiness beyond measure, you feel this inert love for him. Your overall attitude changes you are willing to give up things for him and make sacrifices for him. Your habits change and those around you can notice a difference in the things you say and do.

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