Summary: Subject: There is no necessity to look for help elsewhere. Proposition: Allow God to be your provider.

When one deliberates upon the attributes of someone who is kept, negative thoughts oft times come to mind. A woman, who professes to be "kept", would be observed in unflattering manner most of which cannot be repeated in mixed company. A male who proclaimed to be "kept" would be labeled as a slacker or deadbeat. However, I am here to tell you plainly that I Am a Kept Woman!

Now before you begin allowing your eyebrows to rise.... Let us review what the Acclamation littérateur is saying. The first versification of this discourse of ascent "I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help? " is in question form. Some scholars say it is in reference to the religious beliefs in Jerusalem that the mountains ascertain some type of holy sanctity. Others state that because of all of the miraculous transactions that transpired upon the mountains that they possess some type of spiritual attributes. Yet, others state (and I believe) the writer is questioning why look to mounds of dirt to provide for a situation when we serve a God of Omnipotence, going on to say, "My help comes from the Lord. Who made heaven and Earth." This statement is a strong exhortation to the power and might of God. The individual is simply declaring that the same God who made heaven and earth...the same God who placed the luminous stars that shimmer and glimmer in the skies above...and divided the earth with mountains and valleys and masses of water- will provide any necessity and alleviate any difficulty.

Now let us examine this. Many of us look to this, that, and the other for our provisions. Our jobs, our bank account, our loved ones. Some look to material items while others call 1-900-psyhsic help line. There are those that look to Big Lotto, Little Lotto, and the Lotto in between. Some look to the gambling boat and others seek assistance in a bottle. We look up - down - and all around, but the scripture writer instructs us to look no further than God. Why, because we are KEPT!

Our trials seem monumental. Our tribulations appear unbearable. Our circumstances seem dismal. However, I come with words of encouragement folks. There is good news for those who believe and trust in the Lord. It is simply that "Help is on the way!" It may seem that it has been a long time coming - but God wants us to be still and allow him to fight our battles. Some one is faced with a problem at work; some one else may be dealing with a situation with a friend. There may be someone who has a problem at home or even in the church. These trials may appear to be of a magnitude that we cannot bear, but God is a Mighty God and can do anything but fail. The Psalm writer concludes for us that we ARE KEPT! Even if you are not experiencing a problem, it is comforting to know that you are kept! Kept meaning, everything provided, all things given, no worries, no doubts, no fears. Isn’t that an illustrious and grandeur concept? Oh, I am Kept!

Therefore, in times of adversity, where will we look, what will we do? We must follow the counsel of the Psalmist and Look to the Lord for our aid, our help, and our refuge. We must trust in him for our assistance, our provisions, and our peace. This Litany confirms that when troubles come we must look to the Lord-when slings and arrows bombard we must look to Jehovah--who is vigilant---and whom holds are lives in his hands. The writer wants us to conceive that when afflictions comes we must not look to anything or anyone for ultimate protection but the Lord.

Life is short even for the longest tenured. Danger looms from demons that dwell amongst us. Yet, the Psalmist realized as we all must, that when troubles arise we cannot look to the mountains for protection! We cannot depend upon mom or dad for security! We cannot count upon fortune or fame to sustain us! We must not aim to obtain security from our job, or monies, or automobile, or status. We must Look to God!


The writers pens "Our God is vigilant when he writes "He will not let your foot slip -- he who watches over you will not slumber," And further down he let’s us know that "the Lord is our shade at our right hand; the sun will not harm you by day or the moon by night." Meaning unlike us, who slumbers which allows us to be unaware of our surroundings, God never sleeps and is acutely apprised of everything that comes to pass. He does not call in sick or require vacation days or personal time. In other words, he is an "On Time" and a "Full Time" God. He puts in more than forty hours a week. His hours extend past the nine to five structure. He is aware of our every footstep.... and will not allow the to slip if we allow him to "Order of steps." The one and only who is able to keep us from falling. For those who God saves, he sustains. We are Kept!

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