Summary: YHWH declared his name to Moses as I am that I am. He is a God one who always lives forever and Ever. No one on the earth can claim like Him. No Politicians, No religious leaders, No wise men and woman, no beauties can ever claim that they liver for ever.

Ex.3:14 I am that I am

Praise the Lord! Halleluiah!!

Lord of Host was our God for many years!!!

Some of you are very proud that you are worshipping in a Church more than 25 years, 40 years and 50 years and so on. Some are proud that you are worshipping for many generations. Some of you have the feel that the Church is a heritage to you by way of the great grandparents’ property. What a proud moment for you. But my question is: are your family is a memorial or living witness. We don’t worship a dead God; we don’t worship the God of yesterdays and yesteryears. We worship a God who lives and Who holds our future.

EVER Living God:

The existence of God is always “IS”. He never was and will be.

Every morning he “IS”.

In May 3:6 God declared that “I do not Change”. Ps.102:27 says- “you remain the same, your years never end”. Dt.32:40- as surely as I live forever. Dt.32:27-He is the Eternal God. Ps.135:13-Enduring name, renowned name. Ps.145:13-your kingdom is Everlasting kingdom. Heb 13:8- Jesus Christ is same Yesterday, today and forever.Rev.1:8 Alpha and Omega. Rev.11:17- who Is, who was, and who is to come. The triune God is beyond the Time limit. No one can hold him. God says “I am the Lord” Is. 45:18,21,22,44:8, 45:5,6 No one else exists

44:6 47:12 46:9 I am the Pre-existent and the Post-Existent. God of the Generations after generations- Ps.90:1

Time bound Human Beings:

We are Human beings

We are lesser than the Angels.

We are very weak personalities.

We are weaker than flies, weaker than animals. Weaker than any small or big creatures on the earth.

We are staff.

We are grass and flowers.

Our life is very short, shorter than the Trees. What to be proud of????

Few examples from the Bible:

Abraham was a great Father of Faith but died at 175(Gen.25:7)

Moses, a great man of God who saw God face to face, died at 120(Dt.34:7,

Joshua, a great man of integrity and faithfulness died at 110(Josh.24;29).

David, the man after God’s own heart, a Champion, (1 Sam17:40), a great Soldier (2 Sam 5:7), a natural poet (Ps.8,19.23) but died at 70(2 Sam 5:4).

Solomon, the only wise man of any age on the earth (I Ki.4:32-34), lived a very luxurious life (I Ki.4:22-23), but died at 60(1 Ki.11:42, II Chr.9:30-31).

John the Baptist very powerful preacher on the earth died at 30 years.

Few examples from the world History:

The Political personalities, the beauties, the wise men and the scientists all have died and gone none can claim that I am that I am.

Politicians like Alexander the great ran and conquered the world but died at 32. Adolf Hitler a most violent ruler died at 56. Mahatma Gandhi who is exalted in many nations died at 78.

Beauties like: Cleopatra the most beautiful woman ever lived on the earth, died at 39. Diana the princess of Wales, the most attractive woman, died at 36.

Wise men like: Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) a man who denounced everything died at 80. Confucius (551-479 BC) the Chinese Philosopher died at 72. Socrates (469-399 BC) a Greek Philosopher died at 71. and latest APJ Abdul kalam loved by the younger generations died at 83.

Rich people like: Mansa Musa lived from 1280-1337 AD was the richest man on the earth ever lived with $400 billion four times higher than Bill Gates - Microsoft founder - $86 billion (£68 billion) who is the richest person on the earth today.

Is there anyone who lives forever and ever?

No man, the so-called great men on the earth were able to say “I am that I am”. Only YHWH proclaimed that His name is “I am that I am” then Jesus Claimed that he was the same “I am”.

Our lives are time bound. When we consider the heavens, the works of the fingers of God, the Sun, moon and the stars, what is man? (Ps.8:3-5). But God So loved the world, the world of the Human beings and gave his only begotten son, JESUS (Jn.3;16).

God is still alive

The Lord one who redeemed the Israelite from Pharaoh is still alive, the Lord one who walked in the fire is still alive, the Lord one rained manna and quails is still alive, the Lord one who calmed the sea, multiplied the loaves and Fish is still alive. The Lord one who started the Church with twelve simple people and made it possible to spread over all the Countries is still alive. That same GOD declares that “I AM THAT I AM”.

The Lord one who blessed the Widow of the Zarephath is still alive. The Lord one gave victory to David over Goliath is still alive. If God is with us who can be against us?

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