Summary: This sermon allows us to look at the things of the world that is hindering us from following Jesus.

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I Gave Up Everything

To Follow Him

And he went forth again by the sea side; and all the multitude resorted unto him, and he taught them. And as he passed by, the saw Levi, the son of Alphaeus sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me. And he arose and followed him. Mark 2:13-14

My brothers and sisters, just as Jesus has spoken to a tax collector, as men and women of God, He also speaks to us. And the words that Jesus spoke was short and to the point. These words changed the life of Levi. Levi’s life will never more be the same. Oh brothers and sisters, somebody here know what I’m talking about. For you know for yourself that God called you out. Can I get a witness? It opened the door for the start of a new walk. It opened the door for the start of a new talk. It opened the door for the start of a brand new you as well as Levi. And the door was opened with two words, “Follow me.” My brothers and sisters, I’m happy that the Master sought men and women, boys and girls to follow Him. And I’m happy to report that His words to Levi is still being spoken to us today. Jesus is not silent, He’s still saying follow me. I want to talk just a little bit about that for I have always been overjoyed over the way the Master do things. I have always been held in amazement over the way Jesus has and always accomplishes His mission.

According to scripture, Jesus is in the process of gathering what would be His band of Disciples. The Master in the process of calling individuals to make up that group that would total a number of twelve, who would be followers and learners and who would be accompanying Him. Men who would follow Him. Now according to scriptures Jesus has already made choice of a number of men. He had chosen earlier some men to join Him on His mission. He has already chosen Simon who would later be called Peter. He’s already made choice of James and John, the sons of Zebadee. He’s already made choice of a number of men to walk with Him, to follow Him. Oh brothers and sisters, at the time of our text, Jesus had been teaching down by the seaside. Jesus loved to teach as well as preach. In fact you will discover on more than one occasion in the scriptures where Jesus did more teaching than preaching. I have an awareness of preaching. for Paul himself said, “How can they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they be sent.”

Preaching is valuable. But oh brothers and sisters, I also know the awesome value of teaching. It’s important that all of us yield ourselves to continuous teaching. We need teaching, because teaching brings us to a level of understanding. Teaching brings us to a level of awareness and a level of conscienousness. We need teaching. And oh brothers and sisters, I can tell quickly when I have entered into the midst of a group who have not been well taught. In fact you can better appreciate preaching and you can be better able to say amen to good preaching when you have been exposed to some good teaching. And good children of God are continuous students. You are students throughout your entire lives. You should never get to the point that you have arrived and that you don’t need any more teaching or you don’t need to be taught any more, because you then need teaching more than ever before. Somebody know what I’m talking about. Because you got some folk who feel that since they are three times seven, you can’t teach them nothing. Jesus had been teaching. And oh brothers and sisters much had been shared with the multitude down by the seaside. Scripture tells us that Jesus had gotten off by Himself and started walking and according to scriptures, He comes to a man who is sitting at the custom booth. Jesus comes to the tax booth and He looks and gazes upon a man by the name of Levi. Now come a little closer. For Levi and Matthew were the same. Levi was just another name for Matthew. It was the same man, but with dual names. Now this was not unusual in the New Testament scriptures. For many New Testament characters had dual names. John Mark, Simon Peter, Thomas who was called Didymus. At the time of text Matthew is referred to Levi. At another point in the scripture he was called Matthew. Jesus approached him. Now Levi didn’t know it, but Jesus had an appointment to keep with Levi. Levi was on Jesus’ schedule.

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