Summary: This lesson talks about how powerful it is for the Lord to encamp around us.

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I hear the word camping and run for cover. Through the daily writings most of you know that a number of weird things happen to me. How much more in the open woods. Of all the times I camped OUTSIDE I have never had a good experience. If there are 1,000 people in a field and 1 mosquito guess who will get bit? I once had so many bites on my head that my glasses wouldn’t fit!!!! Bugs are another vermin that I choose not to be around. I was in a store once looking at potted plants. As I bent down to look at something on the floor a large fern was hanging above me. Well when I stood up the fern touched the back of my neck. In a millisecond I screamed, grabbed the plant and all the dirt and pulled it down. That is in the safe confines of the store. Can you imagine me in the woods with a real bug?

I once went on a fishing trip with some fraternity brothers in the middle of nowhere. The float plane dropped us off and said he would be back in 7 days. Sounded pretty fun until after 4 days we hadn’t caught any fish. Luckily someone had a gun but it was pretty hard to shoot a duck out on the lake. There was a mouse in the cabin that would only show himself at 2:30am. Oh the horrors and screams and that was just from me! And to think I paid for that trip.

But there is something to be said for a safe campfire. Of course there was the time we were roasting marshmallows and a friend flicked his flaming marshmallow at me. Luckily I was wearing glasses. It looked like a meteor coming at me. Burned the part around my eye. Yes the woods are not safe for me.

Psalm 34:7 "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.”

I definitely need someone to encamp around me in an out of the woods. Back in the times that the Psalms were written there were a lot of nomadic people. Coming together to camp was security. In today’s world we face the same type of anxiety as our ancestors. We worry about our job, health, being blindsided, and our children’s future. Fear in the above verse is more of reverence for the Lord instead of being afraid of Him. Wouldn’t you like the Lord to encamp around you wherever you go?

Today you can have the Lord encamp around you at all times. BUT you have to ask. You see God is a gentleman and will not come where He is not wanted or needed.

If you say “Lord I need you. I have sinned and have failed in many parts of my life. I desire to have you lead me instead of me trying to lead you. Please direct my paths and my steps. Please help me Lord to feel your presence in my life. Protect me and help me to live for you.”

If you have said this prayer and you meant it from your heart then the Lord is not only in your camp right now but will encamp around you as long as you trust in Him. Pray today that we can put off our arrogant self. Pray we can do the best possible job with the talents the Lord has given us but let us give the Lord the glory and not take it upon ourselves. Then when all is said and done may Jesus be revealed in your life.

Have an awesome day and don’t invite me camping?


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