Summary: Sermon 7 of 7: Why did Jesus come?

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John 18:37

I Am Come To Bear Witness To The Truth

Woodlawn Baptist Church

August 21, 2005


Today as you consider this message, the last of seven messages that have tried to answer the question, “Why did Jesus come to earth?” I trust that you have had the opportunity to get a better look at the redemptive work of Christ. I believe there are few things more lacking in the world today than an understanding of what Christ has done for us, and though we can never fully understand these things, we ought never to be content to remain indifferent to the magnitude of Christ’s love for us. Just as surely as there are some who do not understand, many do not want to understand them and therefore have little appreciation for Christ, His work on our behalf, or for the task to which we have been called.

Jesus said that He had come to fulfill the Law. He fulfilled many of its prophecies and will fulfill the remaining. He is the Savior to whom the entire Old Testament points. He said that He came to call sinners to repentance. You were created for communion, for intimacy with God the Father, but in your sin you are unfit and unworthy of His presence. When Christ came to earth He shattered all of man’s misconceptions about your worthiness as He gave Himself freely to men and women whose lives were filled with sin and shame and He communicated His desire to commune with those very people. It is not a clean life or one filled with good deeds that God accepts. Rather it is the man or woman who is able to admit what they are in the eyes of God and repent of it and trust Christ who enjoys the fellowship of God.

Jesus said that He came to send a sword. The life of the child of God is an invitation to suffer as we follow Christ. He never promised to you or me a life of peace and prosperity. Following Him involves sacrifice and loyalty at all costs. He came to seek and to save sinners. Again, there was no shortage of sinners, but there has always been a shortage of people who will admit they are sinners. Jesus said that He came for judgment. He came as the Light of the world, and those who would willingly step into that light receive eternal life free from the penalty of sin, “but men loved darkness, rather than the light,” and it is that love for darkness that condemns a man to God’s judgment.

In my last message I told you that Jesus came that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly. He wants you to experience Him in His fullness. While Satan offers you empty and dead religion, Christ offers you a dynamic, personal relationship with Himself. He offers you more than you can imagine, more of His purposes and His powerful presence than you have ever known. So many people, even some of you are happy to stay in your limited experience of God and some of you even think that knowing Him in a greater way is unnecessary or extreme, but it is abundant living at its core and the only way it comes is to spend much time with the Savior, know Him and learn His voice.

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