Summary: A Simple Discription of The Gospel Message and How It Applies to Our Needs.

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Scripture: Romans 1:16

Title: “I Have Good News!”

Introduction: It has been said by scholars that the book of Romans is the PRINCIPLE part of the New Testament.

Throughout the centuries this Epistle has been able to furnish the impulse for SPIRITUAL RENEWAL.

When the CHURCH has drifted away from the GOSPEL, a DEEP study of Romans has repeatedly been the MEANS by which the loss has been recovered.

For a long time Paul had planned to visit the Roman church. Paul hoped to get the Roman church to assist him in evangelizing Spain. There had been a lot of controversy concerning Paul’s message. Therefore, Paul wanted to clear up any doubt as to his message. So he writes this letter to Rome.

“Gospel” originally could mean the messenger who carried good news or the good news itself.

Paul’s day term used for official pronouncements declaring such events as the birthday of the emperor or an imperial victory.


a. Paul begins his letter to the Roman church with the words, “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,” (Rom. 1:1)

b. As soon as someone walks into a room and says, “I have good news” that person has the attention of everyone in that room.

c. There is hardly a time in our lives that we couldn’t use some “Good News.” (especially since September 11, 2001)

d. In Paul’s day the term “Gospel” originally could mean the messenger who carried good news or the “Good News” itself.

e. Gospel was a term used for official pronouncements declaring such events as: the “Birthday” of the Emperor or and “Imperial Victory.”

f. Paul’s gospel to the Christians at Rome was “His joyful proclamation of the victory and exaltation of God’s Son, and the following amnesty and liberation from sin which we may enjoy through faith in Christ.”

g. The “Gospel” is the “Good News” of Jesus coming into this world to set mankind FREE from the BONDAGE of SIN through His LIFE, His DEATH, His RESURRECTION, and His ASCENSION to Heaven and the COMING of the Holy Spirit to the Christian Church.

II. I AM NOT ASHAMED (of the Gospel)

a. Paul didn’t want anyone at the Roman church to think because of his delay that he was ASHAMED of the MESSGE of Christ he had been preaching or had CHANGED his mind about what he believed.

b. The GOSPEL Paul was preaching was SUPERIOR to any CHALLENGE sin and the devil could THROW at him.

c. There are a GREAT MANY things that will bring SHAME to a person’s life, but the GOSPEL is not one of them.

d. Even after Christ had been EXAMINED by Pilate he said, “I find no fault in this man.” (Luke 23:4)

e. Paul wrote of the RESULTS of becoming a Christian (the “Fruit” of the Spirit) in the book of Galatians chapter 5 verse 23 “against such there is no law.”

f. There are many things I’m ASHAMED of in my life, but my BELIEF in the GOSPEL is not one of them.

g. I am a member of the fellowship of the unashamed.

h. The “Gospel” is the one and only message that has tremendous power and the one thing that Christians should not be ashamed of.

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