Summary: Very few preach about the Holy Spirit but this series will not only speak about the Holy Spirit but how to Live IN the Spirit.

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The Ultimate Decision

June 13, 2013

Well, today I am on trial. Not from man but from God. Over the past six weeks I have received numerous e mails about the devotionals. The main theme is that they seem "Spirit Filled". I write back and say "Yes I feel the Lord directing me in everything I say and do." But the Lord this morning told me to write the truth as I have not been honest with you. More importantly I have not been open to you about God.

Six weeks ago I had been praying and AGONIZING over your prayer requests and the pain in this world. But I have also been agonizing over the lack of change in the church in general. A lot of us know the word but our actions do not demonstrate that we are the child of the King. I have had trouble praying as though my prayers have been shallow when I wanted my prayers to be fruitful.


All of a sudden in the early morning a sound came out of me that was not my own. I was speaking in a language that sounded like nothing of this world. The more I spoke the more I had peace. This went over FOR OVER 2 hours. Since that morning that the Lord has been speaking His heavenly language through me. I get up at 4 am just to pray in the heavenly language. Some days I will spend five hours praying and it feels like minutes. Yes, the heavenly language I am referring to as the apostle Paul put it is "Speaking In Tongues'.

I know that some of you may not believe that this still exists. Some preachers today do not but sometimes we can be too smart. Sometimes we can be too intellectual and pull verses from all over to discount what God is really trying to do. But you have to know me which a lot of you do form my writings. I am VERY conservative and the only time i raise my hand in church is to ask a question:) The great part about this is that people can always refute the Bible but they cannot refute the miracles taking place in the Spirit. So that is why the change. Actually I have had a change in almost everything I am doing. When you pray in the heavenly language your Spirit bypasses your flesh and you pray by your Spirit to the Lord. It edifies your Spirit so that when you read the word you have more revelation knowledge from the Lord. I am not talking about speaking in tongues through an in interpreter church. I think that could be distracting but that is just me. Also how do you know if the interpreter is interpreting the right way and you do not want to cause others to stumble. But in your quiet time I believe that if you so desire that all of us can speak in the Heavenly Language. Why would not the Lord give you this gift if you are earnestly seeking Him?

I have also been agonizing over the suicides and the men who have such a horrible record when it comes to fighting the evil one. Well, the evil one does not know this language and he has done a great job from keeping the church from learning about this. Remember Peter; he spent three years with Jesus and even saw Him raised from the dead. But he was still hiding out???? It was not till the Holy Spirit came upon him at Pentecost that He had power in the Lord.

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