Summary: To be EXPOSED to the Word of God (Vs. 9, “I have PUT MY WORDS in your MOUTH!”) To Rebuke (Vs. 10, “To Stand up AGAINST… kingdoms, to Uproot/Destroy/Overthrow.”) To Inspire! To Comfort To Encourage Vs. 10 “…(TO BUILD OTHERS UP and PLANT THEM.")

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God said: "I CHOSE you before I gave you life, and before you were born I SELECTED you to be a PROPHET TO THE NATIONS." Jeremiah 1:5 (Good News)

*Jeremiah, defined in an Etymological study from its root; Hebrew:

---Yahweh Throws

---Yahweh Establishes,

---Yahweh Appoints

---Yahweh Raises Up

---Yahweh Sends.


----------God Called him to preach His Words in His Youth. It was 13th yr. of King Josiah’s reign (Josiah became king at 8 yrs.)

----------Because of his PERSECUTIONS & TRIBULATIONS, he often called as “the WEEPING Prophet”.

PERSECUTIONS: His SUFFERING was caused by threats from the government, coalitions of priests & opposition from his family.

TRIBULATIONS: He was punished and had been almost put to death many times, beaten & jailed.

----------Because of the DELAY of the fulfillment of his prophecies, he became FOOLISH in the eyes of people. Yet he TRUSTED God!

----------He was FAITHFUL & COURAGEOUS to preach even it seems that they were NOT LISTENING to Him.

----------His PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP w/ God gave him the STRENGTH to keep on despite of his discouragements & fears.

----------He was PASSIONATE in his hatred of immorality, violence, idolatry, social injustice, corruption and false prophecies.

----------His life & ministry is teaching us on how to hate transgressions and to make INTERCESSION for the TRANSGRESSORS (evil spirits).

“Such statements reflect Jeremiah’s GREATNESS, not WEAKNESS!

He took sin seriously because he took God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS seriously.”

Using NLT 1st Ed.:

* THE MISSION/GOAL that God revealed to Jeremiah.

"I have PUT MY WORDS in your MOUTH! Today I APPOINT you TO STAND UP AGAINST NATIONS & KINGDOMS. You are TO UPROOT some & TEAR them down, to DESTROY & OVERTHROW them. You are TO BUILD OTHERS UP & PLANT THEM." (Jeremiah 1:9-10)

******This is the GREAT PURPOSE of God that you are going to ACCOMPLISH.

----------To be EXPOSED to the Word of God (Vs. 9, “I have PUT MY WORDS in your MOUTH!”)

----------To Rebuke (Vs. 10, “To Stand up AGAINST… kingdoms, to Uproot/Destroy/Overthrow.”)

----------To Inspire

----------To Comfort Vs. 10 “…TO BUILD OTHERS UP and PLANT THEM."

----------To Encourage


“A HEALTHY & STRONG Christian is NOURISHED by the Word of God. You need to have the CRAVING or HUNGER for the WORD. Therefore, do not let d’ Word of God depart from your MOUTH. Hear it! Read it! Then SPEAK it because the Word of God is a POWERFUL WEAPON to STAND UP AGAINST Evil Power & KINGDOMS. On the other hand, the Word of God gives COMFORT & ENCOURAGEMENT to the Brokenhearted.”

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