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Summary: You may be in the middle of the drought, you may not see any evidence of rain in the sky: But Elijah didn't say he saw, he said he heard: The Sound is your sign (The rain is on the way)

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I hear the sound of the abundance of rain:

What is the rain to you?

The rain is Gods power visiting your life in whatever area or areas are in drought, or in lack, or broken or empty.

The rain is God taking every plan, every plot and every scheme and every weapon that the devil has launched at you and turning it around for your good.

The simplest definition of all is just answered prayer.

I wish somebody would prophesy (Gods gonna turn it around, now prophesy, God's gonna make it rain). Come on say it again: Gods gonna make it rain.

The rain was on the way but there was work to be done: Ahab went to play and Elijah went to pray.

E.M. Bounds, one of the greatest men of prayer that ever lived said: God does nothing except in answer to prayer.

So if things seem to be stagnate around you and nothing seems to be moving (you better check your prayer temperature.

For every miracle, every breakthrough, every prodigal who comes home, every son or daughter who is delivered from drugs and perversion (Somebody has to pray)

Elijah got himself in the birth position (head between his knees) and began to labor in prayer for what he heard in the Spirit.

He sent his servant out to look toward the sea for an answer: )The sea represents the word of God,

You have to get your eyes on the word.

His servant returns the answer: I’m looking but I don’t see any evidence of an answer to your prayer.

But Elijah just keeps on praying, he sends his servant back to the sea and while the servant is running Elijah is praying.

You just have to keep on praying: When you have a word from God in your spirit you just have to keep on praying.

Daniel prayed for 20 days with no evidence whatsoever that God had heard him, but on the 21rst day the breakthrough came, Michael the warring angel broke into the battle and Gabriel got the message through.

God will do whatever it takes to get it to you, if you don’t quit!

Keep on praying, keep on praising, keep on confessing, keep on tithing, and sowing, and singing and dancing.

Don’t let the devil see you sweat.

Delay is not denial (Abraham was delayed 25 years but not denied) Joseph was delayed 15 years but not denied.

Lazarus was delayed for 4 days but not denied.

Hab 2:3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: (though it tarry) wait for it because it will surely come , it will not tarry.

Num 23:19 God is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent: if he said it he will do it and if he hath spoken it, he will bring it to pass.

Every time you pray you are putting pressure on the spirit realm and you are filling with expectancy the clouds that are bringing your blessings.

We don’t pray because we feel like it, we don’t pray just because it’s the Christian thing to do, or because it sounds like a good idea.

We pray because we have an objective that can only be reached and can only be won and conquered through prayer.

Elijah is still praying: (head between his knees) prayer is serious business and hard work.

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Mary Hall

commented on Aug 19, 2012

Thank you so much for that sermon that has made my faith rise to another level! Awesome!!!

Rev Calvin Berry

commented on Aug 27, 2012

2 C. C. Berry it gave me a new vision and I am praying for your happeness.

Mari Baca

commented on Sep 4, 2012

What a blessing this sermon is. I actually feel the power of the Holy spirit reading it. I know things are going to get better for me. Thank you for the life changing sermon.

Adu Ayodele Rufus

commented on Sep 26, 2012

The spirit of God in me is just renewed. I see myself in a new perspective and realm of glory. I am starting a new prosperous life as announced by the spirit of God.I have a new hope in the Lord.Thank you so much sir.

Sewankambo John

commented on Sep 27, 2012

just strengthened my prayer life,not to give up until God has given me a sign.Great

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