Summary: Sixth in a Series going throught the New Testament


Introduction: In the previous lesson we studied Acts and Romans. We will continue our survey in this lesson as we go through the letters of Paul to the Corinthians.



A. Writer: The Apostle Paul

B. Date: around A.D. 57

C. Theme: The Lordship of Christ and His appearing.

D. Key Verse: “For other foundations can no man lay than that that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” I Cor. 3:11

E. Purpose: To set in order the things that are in disorder at the Church in Corinth. Paul had established the

Church at Corinth, and had remained there for some time. He later sailed to Ephesus, and remained in this city

for two or three years. It was while here that several elders of the Corinthian Church called upon Paul and

informed him of the low spiritual condition of the brethren in Corinth.

F. Interesting Items in I Corinthians

1. Corinth was Sports-minded

a. Due to emphasis place on sports in the Roman world, Paul used a runner in a race and a boxer to illustrate

the need for a Christian to be in good physical shape for God’s service.

b. The runner will discipline himself and master his body so he can be at the peak of performance for a race.

Only one could win the prize.

1. The prize was usually a laurel wreath placed on the victor’s head. It is likened to a “corruptible crown,”

one that fades away.

2. But if believers will so discipline themselves in the race of life, each can win a trophy, an “incorruptible

crown. ” I Cor. 9:24-26

c. The Boxer will also discipline himself, so that when he faces his opponent in the ring, he will be able to aim

every blow well.

1. Should he fail to train properly, he will swing his arms right and left, just “beating the air.”

2. He soon becomes an easy target for his opponent, a castaway, and is sidelined.

3. Paul did not want to be guilty as one who “beateth the air” and soon become sidelined in the Lord’s service and neither should we.

2. Seeing through a “glass darkly” - I Cor. 13:12

a. This refers to a copper mirror. The copper would be finely polished to give a good reflection.

b. The Word of God is the Mirror. It gives a good reflection but at his coming we shall be “face to face.”

c. It also refers to our limited knowledge here on earth as finite being. We know by faith but when we see

Christ we shall be as He is and we will know ourselves as He knows.

3. Man’s Nature

a. Natural - An Alien in need of Salvation - I Cor. 2:14

b. Carnal - A Baby in need of Sanctification - I Cor. 3:1

c. Spiritual - A Saint in need of Activation - I Cor. 3:14

4. Bought with a Price - I Cor. 6:20

a. Illustration: A Man walked with a companion by a certain house and said it was his. Soon after, another

man walked by the same house and remarked that it was his. A third man approached the same house with

a friend and stated it was his. Pulling a key from his pocket, he opened the door and walked in.

b. Explanation: The first man built the house. It was his because he built it.

The second man purchased the house. It was his because he bought it.

The third man lived in it. It was his because he has residence there.

c. Point: The Lord Jesus claims possession of Christians on all these grounds. We exist because he made us.

When we are saved we are His because He bought us with his blood. When we surrender our wills to His,

He dwells in us to the fullest. We should not be satified with anything less than being owned in all three

ways by the Lord Jesus Christ.


A. CORRECTING THE CARNAL - I Cor 1-11 - While these Scriptures show that it is possible for a child of

God to sin, they do not encourage the believer to do so. Rather, truths are here set forth to correct the brethren

who fall into the snare of the Devil. These first eleven chapters rae set forth to pull, as it were a backslider our of

the mire and set his foot on the rock once more, to walk in the paths of righteousness. God plan for the child of

God is to live an overcoming life. Paul gives five things in these first eleven chapters to help the Corinthians


1. The Rapture - I Cor. 1:1-9 If there is any one thing that will correct an erring child of God from backsliding,

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