Summary: Boaz is a type of Christ, as the Kinsman redeemer. We are so encouraged about our Redeemer Jesus Christ through looking at Boaz in his providing for Naomi and Ruth.

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Intro: when I think of something being redeemed I think of a pawn shop. Someone has gotten into a financial fix, gives something of value to the pawn shop, and comes back later to buy back their stuff. They redeem it. Something they owned had been lost, now they come to buy it back, to redeem it. That is the story of our lives, sin, and Jesus Christ our Redeemer. We were so valuable to God, he saw us and said we were good. But sin cost us our value to God, we were lost to God, but because of love, grace and mercy, God bought us back with redemption. Amazing Grace, we were bought with a price. Today we will look at the story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz, but first we will look at the scripture in Job that goes with this story.

I know My Redeemer Lives

Job 19:25

One thing that is missing in our society is sin consciousness. Most people do not realize that sin has separated them from God. Job lived in a time where sin consciousness was very real. Even though he was a righteous man his friends stated that maybe he was being punished by God because of his sins. But Job could see farther than they could, and even though he knew sin had separated man from God, he knew there was a Redeemer for sin.

How is Boaz a type of Christ? In what he could do for Naomi and Ruth, Jesus Christ can do even more for every sinner who needs redemption.

I. No matter how long you have lost your place, the Redeemer can immediately restore everything back to you. Ruth 2:20-blessed be the Lord who has not left off his kindness--Naomi had lost everything to the point that her daughter in law was out gleaning the fields on the borders like the law provided for strangers, the poor, the disadvantaged.

a. Jesus is our Redeemer. No matter how long we have been out in the world, no matter how far we have drifted away, as the Redeemer, He has the ability to redeem. Where sin abounds, grace even abounds more. Boaz had the ability to load Ruth with blessings. When Naomi saw this, she said, the blessing of God is on our lives. Today we should bless the Lord because of the great redemption we have through Jesus Christ. You may have left the Lord for many years, He is still as close as the mention of His name. There may have been times in your life you have forgotten God, but God has never forgotten you.

II. No matter how much we have lost, the Redeemer can give it all back and more--4:9 You are witnesses today that I have bought all--in simple terms--Boaz had bought back everything that Naomi had lost.

1. we lost our inheritance, we lost our place with God, we lost eternal life, because of sin. Our Redeemer has bought it all back. You are bought with a price. That is why John the Baptist declares, here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Every thing we lost in the first Adam (Romans 5) we gain in the second Adam, Jesus Christ. The devil’s biggest lie is that God doesn’t have the ability to restore you. That you are too far away or done too many things. God’s grace is sufficient for you.

III. No price is to great for our Redeemer to pay--Ruth 2:1- a mighty man of wealth. No matter how high the price is, our Redeemer can handle it all. Boaz was so wealthy, that to buy back everything that Naomi had lost was in his petty cash fund.

Our redeemer said, no price is to great to pay

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son

No greater love hath any man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for the us.

IV. Your Destiny is Greater than your History--the book of Ruth ends with this geneology- 4:21-22 Boaz begats Obed, Obed begats Jesse, Jesse begats David. But in Matthew’s geneology, seeing the greatness of David, he adds-Jesse begats David the King.

I am sure there were days in Naomi’s life where she said, I might as well give up, my history was great but my destiny is nothing.

Until you meet your Redeemer, life seems to go that way.

I want to encourage every reader, no matter where you are in life, the next chapter of your life will be the greatest chapter of your life, if you stay close to the Redeemer.

close: over the years of ministry I have seen so many cases where you say, they have their lives so messed up there seems to be no way out. But over the years God has shown me there are no impossible situations with him. I have seen drug addicts, alcoholics, people who have been in many bad relationships, people who had lost everything. Only to see God restore them, renew them, rebuild their destiny. Why? because we know our Redeemer lives. All Hail King Jesus!

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