Summary: I want someone to crave for God that way! Kick and scream not for goodies, not for cookies, not for gifts, not for blessings, not for healing but just to be in His Arms!

I don’t need mom – I need Daddy!

Exodus 33:18:”Lord,….Please, show me Your glory…!”

Let this message set you on fire for God!

The little adorable kids of our Abide Angel Home come very early in the morning to stay with us the whole day: they would play, study, sleep and spend most part of the day with us; however, the moment they spot their mom in the evening, they would just scoot like wind and leave without a second glance at us. Nothing else matters at that moment, though! Mom had come! Have you watched infants wailing incessantly, nothing can make them cease except their mom! The magic arms of the mom! I don’t know about you, but I write this portion with eyes welled-up with tears!

I want someone to crave for God that way! Kick and scream not for goodies, not for cookies, not for gifts, not for blessings, not for healing but just to be in His Arms! I just came back home after attending the fasting prayer at church, but I could not rest or relax – I need more of Him! I don’t need mom but I need Daddy! I had sobbed and cried loudly in the church while we were praying; yet I need more of Him! If only you knew what it is to be without Him in your life, then you would also pant and pine for Him like mad. I had suffered enough without Him, strolled around aimlessly without Him – not anymore, though! I would never let Him go! No way!

Look! Moses had been with God on Mount Sinai without food and water for 40 days, he had spoken with God several times and sometimes face to face, read Exodus 33;11”So the LORD spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend…” Imagine! Mind-boggling relationship! Despite all these divine experiences, Moses prayed, ‘Please, show me Your glory!’ This man Moses seems to be an avaricious seeker of God! Are you listening? Friend, there are many aspiring young people who would like to serve God; but they desire to be trained under Hillsong Ministry and many other popular ministry and would want to travel abroad to learn the nuances of worship and ministry; today God is looking for someone who would do just about anything to catch a glimpse of His glory! More of Him is enough to take you through in your life! Such translucent, rich and fervent love for God would bring huge harvest of blessings in your life! Are you listening?

Tell me, which International University gave Joseph the wisdom to immaculately handle the affairs as a Governor of Egypt? Joseph’s Trainer was God Himself! Give God a heart-full of praises just now!

Back while working for a multinational bank, I had such an explosive desire for Him that I would weep and cry for Him in the rest room. Call me crazy if you will! After such encounters with Him, I would walk out of the wash room with red puffed-up eyes. God just cannot ignore such passionate, intense love; as a result of this hot pursuit for God, many colleagues in my bank got saved, that includes Roman Catholics and Christians from other denominations, they surrendered for a closer walk with God and took immersion water baptism. Many, many of my readers around the globe, have obeyed the Word after reading my devotions and got saved through water baptism. We need some ‘wild fire’ for God!

When did David’s heart actually explode for God?? May be when God gave the giant Goliath into his hands, may be when the shepherd boy David got an access into the palace of king Saul, I truly believe it would have been when he was stranded by all without a roof above his head and it was now that he would have felt the close brush of God’s Arms against him! Man, what an experience! It is worth all the struggle! David thus sang in the wilderness of Judah: “…My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water…” (Psalm 63:1) Friend, I have huge needs for the School and church both are running in rented places, I have various problems that confront me each day, besides these, I have challenges regarding my health that bother me every day; despite all this, I need nothing, I need none – I need just my Daddy! He is my All-Sufficient Dad!

There are many out there who treat God as an extra fitting, whom they try to shoehorn (squeeze) into their life, but let me tell you, HE IS THE BREAD OF OUR LIFE! The whole world is spreading venomous, lustful, adulterous love through the movie screen around the globe, but today I want this hot love for God to spread like wild fire through the internet and wake up some lukewarm people! Let the fire burn! We have been doing indifferent, lethargic, sleepy, yawny worship, let us today explode for God! May we pray, ‘ Daddy, I will not rest, relax or release you until I feel you, touch you and sprawl all over you…..!!!

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