Summary: Jesus has come to judge and offer healing (forgiveness) to all who will accept it. But, do we assess ourselves by our own self-righteousness that we consider ourselves above needing what Jesus offers? A blind man didn't, and now, he can see!

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I Once was Blind

John 9:1-41


Large section of scripture to tackle today

- Read John 9:1-41 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – The Purpose of the Miracle

V2 – Critical understanding of the OT; illness = sin; Exodus 34:7

Children were punished because of sin in the family

Pivotal question: whose fault is this sin?

V3 – He is blind so God can be revealed

God is able to work in all things

Focus NOT on the creature … but on the Creator; with God all things …

V6-7 – Focus not on the clay either

It’s not about the method; the IMP aspect is obedience to Christ

Jesus told the man to go and wash, and he obeyed

V8-12 – We see the neighbors’ reaction to this as well

They know the man, but suddenly don’t remember what he looks like?

He says, I AM THE MAN! V11: Jesus said do it, so I did!

Purpose = What can God do?

∆ Point 2 – Confusing the Pharisees

V13-18 – Whole inquiry: Who did this?

When told, their disbelief is beyond comprehension

1) Only sinners work on the Sabbath!

2) How can a sinner heal?

V17 – Who did this? The man said, He is a prophet

Re: In v12 he said, “I don’t know”

So, they turn to his parents for clarity …

V18 – Is this your son who can see?

V20 – We know this is our son, and he was born blind

But now … watch them toss their son under the bus

IMP: There is a real fear of being excommunicated from the church

Our son is of age, he can speak for himself, so ask him what happened

Re: “We aren’t getting any more involved than this …”

V24 - Pharisees questioning of the son: Give glory to God! Josh 7:19

Speak the truth because you know that God is watching

V25 – CRITICAL: I once was blind, but now I see

APP: Such a simple testimony for a life totally changed by Christ

V30-34 – The man’s faith grows:

Tell us who did this … I already did! “Get out, sinner!”

Re: this man was always blind, but he was physically blind (he knew it)

The Pharisees are spiritually blind … they refuse to admit their issues

∆ Point 3 – Strengthening Faith

V35-37 – Jesus asks him does he believe

V38 – his natural response when he discovers is to worship (must be ours also)

His path has been: Blindness to sight, fate to faith, darkness to light

V39 – Why has Jesus come into the world?

1) Those who recognize their blindness can be healed

2) Those who deny it will never see

V40 – Are we blind too?

V41 – Jesus’s response: If you’d admit that you are blind, you could be forgiven and would be healed; but because you stand on your own self-righteousness your guilt remains!

∆ Big Idea

Man’s testimony in v25

Do we assess ourselves by our own righteousness? (v41) / Pray

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