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Summary: A message on the letter to the church at Laodicea

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I stand at the Door and Knock

Revelation 3:14 - 22

Intro: Do you like tea? How many liked Iced tea? How many like Hot tea? How about luke warm tea?

God gives an interesting description to this last of the seven churches. These passages witness our LORD approaching

churches with the white hot eyes of righteosness. We have seen Him declare some of them like Sardis as stone cold

dead. We have seen Him look at others, like Philadelphia and pronounce it vibrant and full of life and heap praise

upon them.

But here in Laodicea we have a very unigue description. The problem, they are lukewarm.

That doesn’t sound all that bad. Sounds like they aren’t that bad. But think back to that glass of tea. How would you

respond if you ordered iced tea and it was served lukewarm. What if you ordered hot tea and it was served at room

temperature? That is what Jesus is saying about a lukewarm church.

This morning we will see "What is so bad about being lukewam".

I. Lukewarm people are comfortable.

A. Look at what they say in vs. 17

1. Material goods - industry

2. Physical Health - medicine

3. Most important part of the quote is "We have need of nothing".

B. In thier comfort they forgot thier need of GOD

1. They met their own daily needs.

2. A cold people say they don’t want anything. A hot people desire more and more

3. A lukewarm people say "We don’t need it". Believe a lie - don’t realize the need

C. But why should we care, these folks made thier decision 2,000 yrs ago?

1. How do we compare? Are we a lukewarm and comfortable people?

2. Let’s check our attitude

a. In missions and evangelism growth, do we say "we don’t need to do that".

b. Maybe not in words but do are actions say "we don’t need that".

D. How could GOD say I would rather you were cold? v. 15

1. Easier to convict a hard, cold heart than it is to convince a lukewarm

and comfortable heart.

2. We get so afraid in witness

a. How they will react?

b. I have seen much better reactions from the lost than from within a hypocritical church member who is


II. Lukewarm people are unuseable

A. Philadelphia was the church of the open door

1. God offered and they seized the opportunity

B. Laodocea was the church of the closed door

1. vs. 20 is to me one of the most pitiful pictures in all the Bible

2. This is written to the believers in those churches

C. What makes these people unuseable

1. They were fence riders.

a. The kind who never take a stand.

b. Never make a decision.

2. I am sure they wanted to open the door.

a. But they were afraid of the responsability.

b. They were afraid of the cost.

3. They were like Douglas of the Lincoln/Douglas debates.

a. "as for slavery, I don’t care if its voted up or down" he knew it was wrong but afraid to say so

b. Lincoln "as to slavery, I say I care and I say the New Testament Cares"

D. In all things these comfortable people looked for the middle ground.

1. Jesus says Mt 5:37 "let your yes be yes and your no be no"

2. With some issues there can be no middle ground only a battle ground.

E. How many opportunities have you let slip away?

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