3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: are we like Naaman today... do we just want an instant GOD?

I want it, and I want it now….

Opening Statement…. I want it, and I want it now….. have you ever heard any one make that comment, or at least a comment like that?

I know if you will listen to kids play…or fight you might say.. you may hear them screaming “I want it I want it I want it I want it…. Mine mine mine mine mine….”

And we call that Childish don’t we….

But now, I remember a time when I probably sounded the same way… and I was no longer a Child… physically anyway.

Most of you know that my father was in the military… and I grew up traveling all over the country and different parts of the world.

And we were poor as I grew up. I think one sad commentary about our nation, is the fact that many of our military personnel often times have to get on food stamps just to feed their family.

For years now, fighter jet pilots have been leaving the air force because they could get a job with Federal Express and be able to take care of their family much better than they could when they defended the freedoms of our country….

Anyway, while I was growing up, my family was poor, of course I never realized it at the time. But, we seldom had new things…

I remember that bologna was a staple in our house..

I have talked to many people who have been in the military and they have told me the same tales of their term…

Bologna, soup, anything cheap just to make ends meet.

And its not just military personnel, people from all walks of life have to do the same thing.

My mother would get odd jobs as often as she could. But when you move every two years or less, it is difficult to get a very good job.

We never had much when I was growing up. But my parents worked hard, and saved, worked hard and saved, worked hard and saved.

And when my father retired… he was able to pay cash to have his house built.

I noticed that as soon as I was out of college, out of my parents house, and living on my own.. that my parents started spending money left and right.

My dad bought a brand new truck, they bought one of those big satellite dishes… whatever they wanted, they got.

I think I realized at that time that it must be expensive to raise Children…. And boy is it….

But I have said all that to say this…. Even though I grew up fairly poor…. Even though I watched my parents work hard and save all of their lives… even though I knew what hard work was all about….

As soon as I got out on my own…. I wanted everything my parents had… and I wanted it immediately.

I wanted a new house. I wanted a new truck, I wanted anything I set my mind to and I wanted it NOW!!!!

Now, I don’t understand why I felt this way. Many people I know from my generation felt the same way. And so many people today feel like this. Some people even have the idea that someone owes them all of these things just because they exist….

While I was preparing for this message I thought of the movie Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory. Surely some of you have seen Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory….

Any way, there was this one girl named “Baruka…” and she saw the geese that laid golden eggs. Then she started singing this song of how she wanted this and that and she did not want to wait… remember that..

And as she was singing she climbed up on the educated eggdecater… and she sang, “Don’t care how… I want it now” …. And then she fell down the garbage chute… and Gene Wilder, who played Willie Wonka, said……. She Was a bad egg. That was a great movie.

I want it… and I want it now……

And You owe it to me…….

Of course that type of thinking only comes from young people of today doesn’t it?

I mean, it would not come from any one say.. back during the times of the prophet Elisha would it?

Well, lets take just a few moments and look at the account of a man called Naaman in 2 kings Chapter 5.

Read 2 kings 5:1-15

Well there you go…. Naaman wanted it now…. He wanted instant healing. Look again with me at verse 11.

Read verse 11.

Here was this man, this man that was in a prominent position. This man that was important to the king.

Look at verse 1 again,….

Read verse 1

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