Summary: Something is Missing in our church, our state, and our Nation. In the midst of a global pandemic, Something Greater is Missing and we need it back. Here are the five things we need back!!

I Want it Back

Scripture Reference: 2 Kings 6:1-7

Preached at Mount Zion Baptist Church on October 18, 2020

Delivered by Rev. John Daniel Johnson

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This morning I want to minister to you on this idea, “I Want it Back.” There is one thing that we can be assured of. This message is not about returning salvation to us. The Bible tells us that salvation is a gift from God. We did not nothing to earn it, therefore, we cannot lose it.

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. ~Romans 8:38-39

For the last several days I've been hearing these words in my spirit, "something is missing".

As you all know, I have a good wife. She has a lot of good qualities, but she will openly admit she had one small flaw. Before I reveal her flaw, I want to about my grandmother and mother. My mom always cooked for us growing up. Every night we could always look forward to a wonderful 3-course meal. There was no one that could ever cook as good as my mom, except my grandmother. Usually on Sunday afternoons or other special days during the year, we’d visit my grandmother. She didn’t just have a three-course meal; she’d have a 10 course meal.

Now my wife’s flaw isn’t that she can’t cook. She can do that, but her flaw is in the flavoring; adding the salt, pepper, and the other “just right stuff” that makes it go from good to licking your lips.

The other night I got home late from work and my wife had made our little family homemade chicken and rice. In that bowl, it looked so good. The rice was still steaming. The chicken looked like it had just fallen off the bone. I was about to starve, so I scooped out a little more for my bowl. I sat down at the table, grabbed the tablespoon, and loaded that thing up. As I put that food-filled spoon into my mouth, I spoke without thinking. I looked at Jessica and said, “Something is Missing.” Added a little salt; well a lot of salt and pepper, and almost just as good as mama made it.

Have you ever eaten one of your favorite meals made by someone else and said to yourself, “Something is missing?”

How many know that when you taste that something and it tastes different, you immediately recognize something is missing. You can still eat it. It won’t hurt you, but brother it is bland, tasteless and not the flavor that you were expecting.

It leaves you disappointed, lets you down. Your taste buds were ready for a party but instead they experience a funeral.

Now the swing that over to the spiritual. If you’ve ever experienced real worship with the LORD, real fellowship with a family of Christians, real encouraging time with the LORD, there is nothing…nothing that can replace it. Nothing can come close. Sure you can have a substitute, but nothing satisfies that the real thing.

It’s like homemade ice-cream. You can taste all brands of ice-cream, but only one is the original. The sad part is, sometimes we can get so used to the bland, the substitutes, the “not as good” and can get adjusted or get used to it.

Sadly, the same thing is happened to the church today. We’ve grown accustomed to not the best. I can't speak for everyone today, so I'll just speak for myself and speaking for myself, in these last few weeks I've tasted authentic worship again, the real love of God, etc.

Something has been missing: Something has been missing for a long time. Some people have been missing. True fellowship have been missing. The Bible says that we are one body, and unless all part of our body work together, we’ve not been working right.

I want to talk to you about what is missing. What is missing? Well lets go to our text and find out.

In our text we are told of the problem. In Chapter 5, we see where Naaman had leprosy. He came to be healed by Elisha, but he was just told to go wash in the Jordan River. After overcoming his doubt, he did as Elisha had told him. After coming out of the Jordan, he was healed.

Elisha returns back to his educate his young prophets, but the place has become too small. These prophets decide to build beside the Jordan River, the same place that had washed away the leprosy.

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