Summary: When a man and woman have a divorce, this story of Solomon and the two hartots, is replayed. An earthly judge is asked to "cut the baby in half!"


“I want my baby to live!”

Introduction: God granted Solomon a prayer request. He asked for wisdom. God told him that he would be the wisest man to ever live. Following that time of prayer, Solomon is given an opportunity to use this wisdom. We have just read that story in the previous text.

If you want your baby to live… the prayer of the harlot.

1. See the desperateness of the harlot’s situation.

No husband: There is a big push today in some places to have "same sex marriages." Here were two "momies" living together in the same house. There was no husband. How important is it to have a Father in the house? Meditate on this verse, "In my Father’s house are many mansions..." I am glad that I have a Heavenly Father!

No integrity: If you make your living by being a harlot, it would be hard to lift your head up in the public place. Other women do not trust you. Men think of you only as merchandise.

No money: Both harlots were pregnant with children at the same time. I can only imagine that there money making opportunities were few the last couple of months of their pregnancies.

No friends: The only friend the harlot had was the friendship of the other harlot who ended up kidnapping her baby from her in the middle of the night.

No Future: When the harlot’s baby had been taken from her, there went her only hope of a future.

2. See the peril of the children.

One dead

What happens to children of dysfunctional families? Death by abortion happens all to often in our own communities. One harlot overlaid her baby. The baby died.

The other to be cut in half...

When a man and woman have a divorce, this story of Solomon and the two hartots, is replayed. An earthly judge is asked to "cut the baby in half!" The child is told to live some days with his mother, and then go to another place and live with his father on the week ends. Emotionally, our babies have been cut in half!

Why I preach...

Sin breaks up the family. I preach against sin because I do not want to see the children cut in half!

3. Make an appeal to the King.

The only hope that the harlot had to have her baby restored to her again, was to make an appeal to the King. Our king is King Jesus. He has invited us to make our petitions at his throne of grace. Do you want your baby to live? Do you want your marriage to survive? Make your appeal to the King!

4. Pour out your heart to the Lord…

“I want my baby to live!”

When Solomon threatened to have the baby "cut in half," the harlot cried out, "I want my baby to live!"

5. Be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This harlot was willing to allow the other harlot to raise her child, if it meant that her baby would live. She left the decision up to the King. Whenever we place something in God’s hands, he will ultimately place it back into our hands, as did Solomon on this occasion. Our God is a God of compassion. He is the Great Justifier.

Place your baby in God’s hands.

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