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Summary: We all want patience, but we do not want the Lord to have teach us through suffering or have to wait for it. we want it now.

Lord, I want patience- Now

James 5:7-11


We are continuing in the series “Faith that works”. Today, we are looking at patience. James is talking to Christians about being patient for the return of Christ. He gives us some examples of patience and what is needed to get some.

How many would say that they have patience? (Few)

How many would say that they could use some patience? (Most)

How many want me to pray for them to get patience? (None)

We associate asking God for patience with God sending trials and temptations your way so you can learn patience. We would like patience, but, we really don’t want to go through the trials and suffering required to get it. James is talking to brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Read James 5:7-11

Directive- “Be patient” he gives us a lesson from the farmer who is planting his crop. Patiently waiting for the autumn rains and the spring rains. There are 2 rainy seasons in Jerusalem, the autumn rains which germinate the seeds, and the spring rains which grow the seeds. But, the farmer had to be patient, do what they knew to do and wait for the Lord to do the rest.

Illustration (Sermon Central)

The story is told of a missionary family in Africa that was dealing with the poor and hungry. They had to ration out the grain that was eaten so that their was enough food for the year. They ate every day but never were they full. They cried and begged for more food, but the father knew more food today meant no food later. One little boy found a bag of seed in the barn and rushed to the father so they could eat. The father again denied the boy and said the seed had to be planted. The father began planting the seed, scattering it into the field. In the eyes of the children, he was throwing away their food, but by faith, he knew God was providing their food for harvest time. Be patient James says. Can you imagine the farmer as soon as a little bit of green pops up out of the ground, he would pull it out to see if a carrot was their yet. Patience is hard because it doesn’t happen in an instant. It does seem some times those that have it, have a lot of it. Those that don’t, don’t have any of it. Over the years of talking to people, patience is a lot more than having the ability to wait. Becky and I are going to see my family this summer, to me that is in a short time, that is soon. But you take a kid at Christmas time and ask him to wait, he /she is ready to explode. For the child, you cannot wait because you want toys (anticipation). The adult who has not got any patience it is usually more than that.

Anger issues- quick tempered.

Faith issues- cannot trust anyone. Maybe even God.

Stress issues- what happen may be the final straw, but a lot more happen before that.

Strength issues- longer the time, the less they feel they can do something.

Gender issues- macho man has to protect or prove something. Patience is difficult because it is hard thing to nail down. But you’ll have to agree, it cannot be avoided if you want to live a life with any kind of peace.


There are people and you know them, hopefully your not one of them, you live in the state of anger. You are mad at everyone. Everyone upsets you. You trust noone. Everyday is a struggle.


patience is a virtue.

Possess it if you can.

Found seldom in a woman.

Never in a man.

A preacher pacing the floor like a lion, looking frustrated and irritable, what’s the matter Rev. Brooks? “The trouble is...That I’m in a hurry, but God isn’t”. James says be patient until the coming of the Lord. Telling us that all the trials we go through are temporary . Be patient until the Lord returns. He will right the wrongs. Patience is a necessary character in your life if you want any kind of peace and fulfillment in your life. Proverbs 15:18 “ a hot tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel.” when we look in the Bible, God always compares patience with good control of your emotions and always relating it back to trusting God. James is saying, whatever your going through, it is temporary compared to eternity. Jesus Christ is coming back What ever happens between now and then, you must be able to persevere and keep your eyes focused on the Lord. Society is running at a fast pace. Everything is quick and easy. If it takes long, people are not use to it and lose patience. Microwaves, instant pictures, fast food, fast computers, you can pull in immediately and get the oil on your car changed. Cell phones in your pocket, so we cannot even get a break from the rat race. Use to be Sunday was a day for church and visiting with friends and family. We have been deceived into thinking we must always do more. When I lived in Texas in the 80's and especially when I went to Mexico, the pace was for them laid back. Now this city boy from Milwaukee, it was always fast paced.

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