Summary: How to be patient in affliction and faithful in prayer

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1 Peter 4:12 “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.”

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning to see what is going on. I am tried all the time, can hardly move with pain and a host of other ailments. OK so I am surprised at the painful trial I am suffering. I started to exercise again and then I want to sleep all day. Hopefully the blood work will give some clues. All I know is and it brings me comfort that God knows what is going on. Is it spiritual or physical or a combination of both? Who cares? Have you ever been to the point to where you have been going through pain for so long that you just say “Who Cares”? So please pray today for God to impart His wisdom so I can at least get through the day.

Today in YOUR life there also is “Stuff” going on. Some of this stuff has been going on for days, months or even years. A lot of times we ask “Why” and a lot of times all we get is silence. But the longer we live this life the more we realize that God’s silence is not inactivity. It is just the opposite. When we pray there is a power unleashed in the heavens that we cannot comprehend. One prayer sets millions of events into action. You see one prayer doesn’t change just one life but millions of other people’s lives are changed too.

If I pray for a person who is sick, God can heal that person instantly. But in most case God uses doctors, nurses and hospital staff in an unusual way. I say unusual because “You” have been prayed for. God has said in His word that he acts upon our prayers and God cannot lie. So why do we not pray more? It is the same answer as to why we don’t wait upon the Lord when we pray. We don’t really believe prayer works. We pray more out of insurance than expecting our prayer to work. If I were to ask you how many of you pray and wait upon the Lord the number would be few. The reason for this is that we are very impatient. In the world we live in information is key. If you don’t have the answer you better find it and quickly. So then we sit down to speak to God and the thought of us waiting for a reply is foreign to us. If God doesn’t answer our prayer in 2 seconds we figure He has more important things to do or this thing called prayer does not work.

All of us have a foundation that we live our lives on. But some of our foundations are misaligned. No matter how hard we try we just don’t seem to get results. In essence we need our foundation torn apart and a new foundation needs to be set. The good news is that Jesus can give YOU a new foundation. Try this today. No matter what your problem in this life, God knows. Not only does He know but He is the only one that has the perfect plan, But God also desires that we come to Him instead of trusting in others or ourselves. Find a quiet place and put God first. When we put God first then we will wait to hear from God for more than 2 seconds at a time. When you put God first the heavens will be moved to account for your faith. Peace will start to flood your soul and hope will fill a space that has been filled with despair.

Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

“I am trying to be patient in affliction but when I see the doctor coming at me with that 2 foot needle my joy runs for the hills! But seriously I want to get across that prayer works. Please also ask for anything that you need prayer on. When we ask God moves in miraculous ways. I know there are many miracles left for God to do. Why can’t you be the next miracle? Never be afraid to pray with faith and never be afraid to ask for prayer. That is why we are here on this earth, to share one another’s burdens. NEVER be afraid to share your burdens.

Have a great day today and look for opportunities to help one another.


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