Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Becoming what God has planned

I Want to Be Made

Acts 9:1-15

Intro: MTV's MADE: Features an individual who wants to become something that seems totally out of their character. There is a 85lb sophomore that wants to become a varsity football player, there is the klutz who can barely walk without falling that wants to become a champion skateboarder, there is the 6'7" wrestler that wants to become a ballerina. In essence this show is about people who feel the need to be something that is totally in contrast to who they currently are. These people somewhere along the road fell into a life that was not their destiny, so now they choose to correct that mistake. It's often comedic yet heart breaking because it never turns out to be as easy as they had hoped. We like to believe that the moment we decide to change everyone in our world will line up with that change but that is not reality. I'm sure these young people are absolutely ecstatic when they receive a call from MTV saying you have been chosen, but by the end of the show a reality sets in that says to them "being MADE isn't always easy".

Here in lies Saul's dilemma. When we look at this man, Paul as many of us know him, we often celebrate who is ultimately become. He wrote 2/3 of the New Testament, he was the ultimate church planter; he was a bold proclaimed of the gospel & a great follower of Christ. But, "how did he get there?" Look and your neighbor and say "I want to be MADE!" I want to share with you 3 moments to being made.

I. The Now Moment

A. Where art thou?

1. Like Adam in the garden of Eden, you must come to grips with where you are in your life.

2. There is a distinct difference between where you are and where people think you are.

3. Saul gets a spiritual change of direction.

a. He thought he had it all together until he saw the light!

b. I'm going to a place of divine light!

B. Where are you positionally?

1. After he say the light, he fell to the ground.

a. Do not let this NOW moment to come and you not be willing to submit yourself to it.

2. Saul says, "Who are you lord?"

a. Lord implies one in control or in authority. He does not know Jesus, but the grand nature of his encounter with him forces him to recognize his awesome power.

C. What will do you want from me?

1. You should be praying what can I do for you more than you pray do this for me. You blessing is often locked up in wise decisions.

2. When he humbles himself, he receives answers. "Pride is a blindfold that takes your next blessing out of view."

II. The Missed Moment

A. There is a moment in your transformation where you must come face to face with your past. (v. 13)

1. Be prepared, people will not change just because you say you're different. Live it!

2. Let them see the Jesus in you.

a. I'm talking to somebody who has made some mistakes and your moment is being challenged by your reputation.

ex. You got a good man but you're afraid of what will happen if he discovers the old you.

B. Eyes Open, No vision

1. Many of the opportunities you enjoy right now, have been presented to you before. You just weren't ready yet.

2. Many of us are right now waiting on the blessing to come back around. Say," It's gonna be different this time around!"

3. Learn to see through the word of God.

4. He had to spend 3 days walking blind.

a. It might be frustrating but he can't let you out too soon.

b. Isn't it amazing how God will teach you faith. Ex. Trust, tithe, love, priorities

III. The Destiny Moment

A. You've been chosen

1. You are on the brink of a moment that will change your life forever. Seize it!

a. I won't be defeated this time.

B. It's going to be a challenge, but you're chosen.

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