Summary: Leprosy is a picture of our need for salvation

Luke 5:12-15

I Will, Be Thou Clean

James Sulton

Jesus Christ is the Master over disease. The leper was full of leprosy: is no different than someone being full of cancer. No known cure.

This is the same as sin in a spiritual way. The sinner is full of sin. There is no known cure outside of Christ.


Beginning with little pain goes on in its sluggish but sure course until it mutilates the body and deforms the features. It turns the voice into a croak and makes the patient a helpless wreck.


Starts with little pain - actually seems to be pleasure. But as it is with leprosy, it is progressive. It goes on its slow malignant way draining and sapping the very life stream until it mutilates and deforms both body and soul.

The final culmination of sin is that great and catastrophic moment when it’s wrecked and helpless victims are cuty off, when the door is shut, when the death angel passes over and there is no blood on the door of your heart.

It is as fatal and deadly as the worst kind of disease and even more so. It is deadly in that it separates from God.

It’s Cure

John 3: The deadly serpents

Text: Be Thou Clean. Nothing worse than sin, and consequently there is nothing better than its cure.

Look: Behold: See: Accept: Believe and trust today!

Closing Comments:

Luke 16:16 - The preaching of the gospel cut off or done away with the law and prophets as a rule of faith and practice.

John 1:11-17 Explain verse by verse

2 Corinthians 3:3-17: The letter kills but the Spirit gives life. The Lord is that Spirit.

My lost friend, have the veil removed by the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus as He cleanses and makes you whole from the law of sin and death.

(Preached at Mt. Gilead on March 28, 1965)

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