Summary: This message deals with God Bringing Revival into Individual lives and Into The Church


There are many people who think that God has stopped moving in their midst they think that God stopped moving a long time ago. But that’s not true!!! Its because they don’t have their attention on what God is doing today. He said,” I will do a new thing”.


The fundamental principles of divine activity are changeless, but the outward shape of that activity alters with the changing needs of Gods people. We are meant to reflect on the past with gratitude and stimulated faith but not to allow it stereotype our expectations from God.

PS: God is doing a New Thing!!


To be able to see what God is doing we need to follow the instructions of these verses.

1. Don’t live in the past! (18).

1. At times we can’t see the new things that God is doing because we are living in the “good old days”. blinded by the past.

2. It’s ok to remember the good things but do not camp there it’s time to move on.

3. What Has God done today?


There are people who can tell you what went on in their lives and in their churches 50 years ago but they can’t tell you what God is doing to day.

Friends we serve a now God!

2. Behold I will do a new thing (19).

1. He has done a new thing even this morning have you seen it?

A. He has given you new breath (Zeke 37:9).

B. Given us one more day to praise and worship Him (Psalm 112:3).

C. He has given us new mercies and compassions today hope too Lam 3:21-23.

D. New Life to our churches (Acts 2:4 Fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost.


Revival coming into a church.

3. God will make a way when we think it is impossible. (19-20).

1. He will make a road in the desert. All the deserts that I have seen are made up of sand, lots and lots of sand.

2. Another miracle waters in the Desert.

3.You may be in a desert or in the wilderness fear not even their God will make a way for you!!! He will give you a road, a river or a stream He has promised to do a new thing!

ILL: Car.

4. God is building a People. (21)

1. Shew forth my praise (Not ashamed to Praise the Lord.

2. Who have been refined in the desert (or the fiery furnace)?

3. A people who know and who have seen God do a new thing. (What a mighty God we serve.


Therefore we must keep our minds and hearts open to what God is doing and what He wants to do in our midst. Even in the wilderness he will make a way where it seems impossible and impassable. Remember He has said in HIS Word I will do a new thing. Let Him do a new thing in your in your heart, home, marriage, job, church, school, Community. Lets allow Him to refine us in the desert (fire) that we may show forth His praise, and tell others it’s ok He is doing and will do a new thing.

Friends he has done great things here at Seaway before, yes, He is doing great things now, but hold on to your hats, He still has more in store. He will do new things.

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