Summary: Ruth was faithful to follow Naomi, in spite of difficult circumstances!

I Will Follow You

Ruth Chapter One

I. Introduction

Tonight we begin a four week study of the book of Ruth. Ruth was a remarkable woman. She was from the land of Moab. The Moabites had been a thorn in Israel’s side for a long time. Even though Ruth was born in a land and of a people that fought against God’s people, through her faithfulness she became an ancestress of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

A. The book of Ruth is about Faithfulness

B. The book of Ruth is about Obedience

C. The book of Ruth is about Love

D. The book of Ruth is about Mercy

Tonight we want to look at one aspect of Ruth’s character that allowed her to realize her potential. We want to see her faithfulness.

II. She was faithful through hard times

A. The death of her father in law-vs. 3

B. The death of her husband-vs. 5

C. The famine in the land-vs. 1,6

III. She was faithful through hopeless times

A. She was encouraged to give up by Naomi- vs. 8

B. She was given no hope in the future –vs. 11-13

C. She “clung” to Naomi- vs. 14

1. I will go where you go

2. I will stay where you stay

3. I will adopt your people

4. I will serve your God

5. I will die with you

6. I will be buried with you

IV.She was faithful through hurtful times

A. Her faithfulness brought her to the right place

B. Her faithfulness kept her from the wrong attitude

V. Conclusion

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