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Summary: To be God's servants we must understand how become what He desires. The way God wants is not the way the world expects.

I Will Live In-Between #10 Descending Into Greatness: The Art of Servanthood

(John 13:1-17)

~ Intro: 2 of the most popular TV shows have had similar things in common. The

first is Extreme Home Makeover & the other from this season is Undercover Boss. Both of these show the value to helping or serving others.

With Easter season just around the corner what a wonderful way to start it off, by looking as how Jesus started…Descending into greatness…

Please turn with me to John 13:1

1. Loving isn’t enough: We must show the full extent of that love.(vrs 1)

• He had shown examples…this was different

• Isn’t this so true about life today…people show ‘teasers’ of their love…no wonder 1 of every 2 marriages that start today end in divorce.

So how can we show the full extent of our love? Well, our next point shows us how this is done…

2. Showing the full extent of love is only done by becoming a servant.(vrs 2-4)

• As we consider what Jesus did we will see what this entails

- We must strip ourselves of hindrances.(removed outer garments, rights)

~ All things under His power, from God, returning to God

- We need to prepare ourselves for service.(wrapped towel around waist)

- Put our all into serving.(dried w/ towel around waist)e

• What is a word that would summarize all of these actions

• We need to humble ourselves and become servants.

• There’s a song that has been sung by many people including Billy Joel and Garth Brooks…”To Make You Feel My Love”

Before we can truly live up to our potential by becoming a servant there is a key point we must grasp

3. To become a servant we must first let others serve us.(vrs 6-10)

• It’s this simple; we can’t do what we don’t know.

- Jesus had to serve Peter or he couldn’t make it…

- Watching extreme sports about rock climbing…everyone had to help each other and without excepting that help no one would have made it to the top and down again.

• Here Jesus also teaches a very important lesson about servanthood that is key

• Servanthood is practical in it’s application and action.

- Only the feet needed washing.

- Like …

Sooo another question arises…who should we treat like this?

4. We should act this way toward everyone.(vrs 5, 10-11)

• Jesus treated his disciples this way

- So we should treat those closest to us this way

• You may be thinking…Yeah, that’s O.K. but what about you don’t know how they have treated me.

- Jesus also treated the one he knew would betray him that way

Now, after all this you may be wondering…is it worth it, to become a servant? The answer has 2 parts…

5. Christ exemplified this for us and if we imitate it we will be blessed.(vrs 12-17)

• Jesus explained His actions as an example for us to follow (not a pattern)

- We can’t reach our potential unless we follow this pattern

• The blessing comes not from knowing but from doing.

~ Conclusion:

• You may be here today and have never experienced what I have been talking about today, God wants to love you in this way – by being your servant and helping you become all you can be.

- all you have to do is accept what He has done……A, B, C’s of Salvation

• Or you may be here and you’re guilty of only showing ‘teasers’ of love and you know God wants you to take the next step and you also wouldn’t mind the promises blessings that to along with it……

• Communion:

- Today God wants us to be reminded of the ‘full extent of His love’

- He wants us to ‘feel His love’ today…

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