Summary: To be useful for God we must not only be in the right place but we must have the right thinking. Do we see our world the way God does?

I Will … Live In-Between #3 Possibility Thinking

(John 1:35-42)

~ Intro: There are many times we see things but don’t actually look at them or

see what there let alone the possibilities. Some logos are examples… Another example of possibility thinking was found in one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It was called Junkyard Wars and in the show over two days, two teams have to build something from what they find in a junkyard. It’s a great exercise in “possibility thinking”.

Today we want to look at “Possibility Thinking”. By living life God’s way, saying ‘I will…Live In-Between’ we will see lives and community changes…so please turn in your Bibles with me to John 1:35

1. As people moving into “living in-between” we should constantly be looking toward Jesus. (vrs 35-37)

• John the Baptist did just this but didn’t stop there…

- You see he saw the possibilities in Jesus.

- And he wanted others to see and experience those possibilities.

• Part of seeing possibilities in Jesus is encouraging other to see them and follow Him.

- The opposite of the old saying, “You’re so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good.”

- This really means we not only see the possibilities in God but also in others…anyone we encourage to follow after Him.

~~QUESTION: “Where do you see potential or possibilities? It’s always in the

areas where you encourage others to become involved.

• People approaching me about business opportunities.

2. If we see possibilities in Jesus and want to live in-between we must be

willing to leave the “normal/routine” life to follow Him.(vrs 37-41)

• These 2 disciples left their way of life, everything, to follow the possibilities.

- A disciple’s life was their teacher…24hrs—7dys per week

• Often we don’t experience the possibilities that are in Jesus because we try to tack Him onto our routine instead of making Him our life.

- A man won the Boston Marathon in amazing time with little training…later discovered that he had taken busses.

- There is no short-cut in following God.

• We must be willing to follow without guarantees.

- 2 disciples didn’t know where were going even though they asked.

- This is tough because we live in a society of guarantees.

• ~ Us buying the washer 7 dryer

• Andrew again demonstrates that when we willingly leave the normal and routine life to follow Jesus we need to tell others about Him.

- Imagine your Simon…Andrew the religious fanatic, whose been on this kick, comes to you, his brother…

• ~ You the stable, hard working, if not passionate one

• ~ He only come to try and get you to follow the latest fad

- Andrew saw the possibilities in Jesus so he said “come and see…”

• One of the simplest ways to witness is to invite others to “come and see…”

Even though Andrew saw potential in Jesus, I don’t think he saw much in his brother, typical sibling/human…But Andrew & Simon were about to get a big lesson regarding possibility thinking, one that we can all afford to learn…

3. No matter who, Jesus sees the possibilities in you.(vrs 42)

• These brother approached Jesus and He looked at Simon

- I don’t know what he was thinking before, but Simon’s attitude changed when Jesus looked at him.

• ~ I’ve received some interesting looks but nothing like this

• ~ Jesus looked into him and knew him thoroughly

~~2 life-changing statements from Jesus:

• You are…(as statement of present reality)

- Jesus knows exactly who we are, from the littlest quirk to the biggest most glaring fault, He know us

- Regardless He doesn’t ridicule or turn away, instead He says…

• You will be…(a promise of future potential)

- Old blind lady making ugly rugs…vrs…great prayer worrier upholding missionaries for hours a day

- 24 year old man with Downs, a I.Q. and mentality of a 4 year old…vrs…a giant in faith who teaches others, national speak on faith

• Who do we know that we need to see through God’s eyes?

~ Conclusion: So how do you see or what do you think of yourself today…

• This may be the first time you have heard that God sees and has promised a future for you…to accept it simply…

• Today maybe you forgot the responsibilities of seeing possibilities in Jesus or how to live those out…

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