Summary: Your Decisions today may mark the future that you have tomorrow. Wishing that you could change the past.

I wish I could, I wish I had..., In the life of many people there are two phrases that many people often say, I wish I could... and, I wish I had..., what they are really saying is, “I’m unhappy with the choices that I’ve made and I’m so far gone in this life, I can never go back and change my mistakes.” There is coming a time that many people will say, “ I wish I could serve the Lord, but its too late for me.” ”When the days of the Gentiles be completed. ” And there is coming a time that people will say, “I wish I had listened to the preacher and turned my life over to God, why did I turn down the invitation? “ “In the Great White Throne Judgment. “ Un-belief , to me , is the greatest sin, if I had to choose just one. Un-belief will send all the lost to the lake of fire. Sometimes the truth is hard to take, sometimes it hurts people and makes them uneasy, sometimes it creates a void between you and them. Marriages have broken up over belief in Jesus, but remember that Jesus warned us ,” I come not to bring piece ,but a sword.” Jesus knew that the truth would hurt but rather to allow this world to perish, He came to tell the truth. There is none righteous, no not one. The Bible mentions, pre-destination , words like pre-ordained, If you had the chance to redo your life over, I don’t believe that you would have made any different choices than you already have. We have to live with the choices that we’ve made. But the thing to remember, even thou you cant change the past, you can change your present. Tomorrow is not yours to take thought of, for none of us are even promised a tomorrow. So today is the only day that we can work with. If you tried to change yesterday, you would make today much worse than it might otherwise be. Leave yesterday to itself and concentrate on the now, today. Understanding your relationship with God is a step in the right direction. For , I wishes, will disrupt the flow of connection between you and God. The Holy Spirit has a duty and responsibility to God, to lead and guide you, into all truths. Serve the Lord God with all your ,Heart , Mind , Soul and strength. Lets look at Romans 8:28-30. Do you believe that God is all knowing and all seeing ? Do you believe that when you were not yet born, that God knew the choices and mistakes that you would make ? God will not inter-fear in the decision process of mankind but He does offer alternatives. The best way to relieve the “I wishes” is to not make them. Paul was and still is a good example. The Apostle Paul, paid for his, ”I wish I could and I wish I had, by the number of trials that He had to go thru. In , Prison, in peril, in danger from his country men and strangers, robbers, shipwreck, treading water, and being bit by snakes, hunger and nakedness, cold and heat. Pauls test of faith, had nothing to do with His strength as a man, but His willingness to trust His spirit and accept situations that He knew that He couldn’t change. Our problem today with many is that, they aren’t willing to accept the responsibility of what they did and when they do accept it, they generally enter into self condemnation. Not willing to let go of their own mistakes. Jesus forgave us so why cant we forgive ourselves? We call upon the lost ,not to wait too late , not to come to a point in their life where you will say I wish . The Bible tells us that, “ The Spirit of God shall not always strive with man.” What in this life is worth an unsatisfying, I Wish? What in this life is worth the chance of waking up one day, and seeing the Church Raptured and knowing that the I Wishes have condemned your soul ? Wars and rumors of war, famine and petulance, how much more, Earthquakes, floods, starvation, forest fires rage, tidle waves, hurricanes, tornadoes in record number, global warming ,changing life stiles, man with man ,woman with woman, marrying and giving in marriage, divorce, children being molested, what will it take, what will it take? Jesus said, “ In an hour that you know not, the Son of Man shall return. “ Look around and count the cost of remaining out side the protection of the Son of God, not only is your soul at stake, but those of you with children, would you want them to follow after you, the way that you live or would you rather have them follow a parent that believes in God. For I am telling you a truth, a child raised up not believing in God , will more than likely raise up their children ,not believing in God. An alcoholic raising children will have their children follow after them in their footsteps. How can I say this, because our saviour said it. “I do what I have seen my Father do, and you do what your father does, satan.” Clear and to the point, isn’t it? Jesus never mixed with words, He was direct and too the point, as we all should be. What legacy will you be leaving your children, and what legacy will you be leaving the world ? Don’t you think its time to give up the I wishes and come to Jesus, and one day when the roll is called in Heaven your name will be written down in the Book of life, never to be removed. ars. Scripture References for sermon; John 8:38-45, 12:48,. Luke 21:24,. Romans 8: 28-30.

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