Summary: If God wons everything then why is it in your hands, your bank account, your life? God has a reason!

If God Owns It All, What Am I Doing With It?

ILLUS. Police officer sitting back, off road, watching traffic. Car passes him slowly. Other cars speeding around it. As much of a danger as a speeder. Pulled up behind them. Only doing 22 mph. Noticed elderly driver and 4 other passengers. “What’s matter officer, Was I speeding?” Apologized. Police officer noticed ladies in car seemed nervous and agitated. Ma’am, are your passengers alright? “They’ll be ok? We just came of “route 125.”

Sometimes what we think is important in serving God is far different from what is important to God.

For instance did you know that there are 272 verses in Bible talk about believing; prayer=371; love=714.

(W/out love all amounts to nothing).

Giving/generosity=2, 162 verses. Important?

Today continuing our study on the 5 G’s. Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and today “Generosity”.

In Matthew 25 there is a rather simple story with some profound lessons for us today. This story will help us to better understand God’s idea of generosity/giving?

Read Matthew 25:14ff (The Message)

In this story I want you to think of the master as God and the servants as you and I.

The first key to understanding generosity is to understand that

1. God owns it all. (vs. 14-19)

If He owns it all…what am I doing with it?

Well, He owns it, you and I are to manage it.

Illus. Friend who lived near fairgrounds in my hometown.

We thought it would be a good idea if we charged people to park. Talked with his Dad. Ok. Had cars all over front yard. Man came up to us really angry! Started yelling at us. Complaining about what cars doing to lawn. I asked who he was? He was the owner of the house and land, and lawn!

See. Friend’s Dad made mistake. Thought just because he lived in house it was his house. Forgot that He wasn’t the owner.

Think we make same mistake. Just because we have all of the stuff in our life, abilities, talents, possessions, etc.

The fact that God is the owner means 2 very important things…

A) It means God has a right to the things in my life.

That means we no longer have to wrestle w/the possession issue.

ILLUS. My oldest daughter, when she was 3 or 4 years old. French Fries. “Can I have one?” “No, they’re mine!”

We all understand this mindset in a 3 or 4 year old child. But what about when we do the same thing to God?

I think the height of ingratitude is seen when God gives us something, only to have us build a wall around it and tell God He can’t touch it!

Understanding God’s ownership means we no longer have to wrestle with the permission issue.

If God owns it than He has a right to it.

If God owns my life, then He has a right to it.

If God owns my possessions, then He has a right to them.

If God owns talents and abilities, then He has a right…

If God owns my money, then he has a right to it.


B) It means that every decision regarding my resources or possessions is a spiritual decision.

The decisions I make regarding my family and their future.

The decisions regarding my possessions…my car, house…

The decisions regarding my finances…

The decisions regarding my own life…

Need to consider how it affects God and His kingdom! (no longer wrestle w/position issue: who or what is #1 in my life!) “All for God!”

We need to ask ourselves: “Am I doing a good job @ managing the things God has placed in my life?”

2) The Amount Of What We Have To Give Is Not Important. (vs. 21-23)

What’s important is how you handle what He’s given to you. Will determine, in part, how God works through you and in you.

See, the resources of our life are very effective tools that God uses in our lives.

They’re tools He can use for others through us…

But also tools that He can use on us!

Tracy and I We have learned so much and have grown spiritually since we began giving 10% of our income to the Lord. (tithe) (financially responsible, no credit cards…)

God also use what we have to give for others (missions, church, special things)

The resources of our life are a very effective test that God uses in our lives.

When we understand God is owner, and that the amount of what we have or do not have is unimportant to God, then our life becomes a steady course through the good times and bad.

When things go bad, still trust in Him to provide? Test of our commitment? Test of where our real treasure is?

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