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Summary: This is a sermon that encourages us to go to all people groups as Jesus did the woman at the well.


Text: John 4:1-28 (quickview)  W. Max Alderman

Introduction: This is a great story that shows the compassion that the Lord had for “whosoever”. This lady in Samaria was so despised by the world, but so loved by the Lord. You may be here today and feel that you are not deserving or worthy of anyone’s love and especially the Lord’s. I want to show you that someone does care for you. I also wish to challenge each of us to be more like Jesus and go to where the need is. Remember, “If He must needs “Go”, then I must Go!

I. THE WITNESS MUST GO BECAUSE OF THE COMMISSION. (Matthew 28:18-20 (quickview) )

A. The Commission Is Based upon God’s Plan.

Our Text illustrates that Jesus had a plan for going through Samaria to Sychar. Even so, the Lord has a plan for His witnesses to go “into” and “throughout” the world.

B. The Commission Is Based upon God’s Purpose.

The Lord’s purpose in going to Sychar is to minister to a very thirsty person, who was also an outcast. She was both thirsty spiritually and physically. Likewise the Lord has a purpose for us to go to a dry and thirsty land.

The Lord has already given and invitation in Isaiah 55 (quickview) : 1. “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.”


A. The “Must” Showed the Importance.

What may have been unimportant to most was important to Jesus. This woman who was an outcast probably went a long ways from the main well because of the shame that she carried for having lived what must have been a wicked and carnal life, yet Jesus knew that she was thirsting for something that her life and way of living could not offer. Just as Jesus cared for the unlovely and the unwanted, so should we…

B. The Must Showed the Intentions

May I say that He not only intended to go; He went. The road even to hell is paved with good intentions. Many intend to get saved who never do. Likewise, many intend to witness, but never do. Can you imagine how much sadness and shame that it will be at the Judgment Seat of Christ having no trophies for bringing people to Jesus and for not going after them. For some reason, in recent years we have allowed ourselves to become either distracted or complacent. WE must put MUST back into our witnessing.


A. Jesus Went To a Place That Was Neglected. (V. 9) “the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans”.

The Samaritans were a people who were racially compromised, according to the Jews. They were looked down on as to not keeping their genealogy pure. They were referred to as “half-breeds”. Yet the Lord saw a people who had lived isolated and now had become neglected, as a people who He cared for. This must be our spirit and attitude as we minister.

B. Jesus Went To A Person Who Was Needy. (16-18).

With Jesus having all knowledge, He certainly knew of this woman’s need. The Lord also knows the need of every person who has entered the human race. He knows where to direct each of us in our witnessing encounters. As you witness to people, God will lead you to those who have needs. He knows both who they are and where they are.

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