Summary: We study if I only knew, what would I do?




John 6:60

John 6:66 From that time many of HIS DISCIPLES went back, and WALKED NO MORE WITH HIM.

Gen. 5:22 --- and Enoch walked WITH GOD.

Gen. 5:24 --- And Enoch walked WITH GOD, and he was not for God took him.

Heb. 11:5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and he was not found, because God translated him: for before his translation he had a testimony, HE PLEASED GOD.

Today I ponder, WHY DO I SERVE GOD? Do I think God is like Santa Claus? Are my prayers, God give me? God give me? God give mine?

Am I a giver or a taker? Am I a feeder or just an eater? My way or the highway?

Am I just serving God for the presents and gifts He gives me? Or Do I love HIS PRESENCE?

Do I want to KNOW GOD? GOD, WHAT IS MY MOTIVE FOR SERVING YOU? May God be more than a fire escape from Hell?

GOD, I MUST KNOW YOU! GOD, I DIE WITHOUT YOUR PRESENCE! Come closer to me, Father, I must touch the hem of your presence!


My heart breaks when I read John 6. Many have been following Jesus. There has been miracles and healings, that show has been neat! The food has been free. The crowds have grown. This Jesus thing is the best thing that we have ever seen. The people have become known as HIS DISCIPLES. Wow, HIS disciples. HIS, I belong to Jesus!

John 6:60 Many of HIS disciples when they heard this, (there is more than free loaves and fishes). His disciples said: THIS IS HARD. This isn’t easy? There are pressures and stresses? We don’t like harsh and strong things? We like gospel entertainment and gospel comedians? Bring on the singers to make us happy?

We want to be happy and carefree?

John records more to the realizing THIS IS HARD... John 6:66 From that time many of HIS DISCIPLES went back, and WALKED NO MORE WITH HIM.

How sad? His would be no more WITH HIM.

I believe with many tears running down the face of the Son of God, Jesus turns to HIS DISCIPLES and says: ARE YOU GOING TOO? What is my motive for serving the Most High?


This story is about Cindy Morgan, today Cindy is a famous Contemorary Gospel Artist.

Many years ago, I was playing music at a friends house. His name was Cova Morgan. As we were picking, Cova’s oldest son, Mike, came in and want the keys to the car and some money, he was going out. We stopped, Cova gave his son the keys and a few dollars and away he went.

Cova’s daughter, Sam, came in and listened a while. When we stopped, Sam asked her dad for some money, she was going skating with her friends. Cova pulled out his billfold and gave Sam some money. she hugged her Dad and away she went.

Later, Cindy, many of you know her, Cindy Morgan the Gospel recording artist, came in the room. We were playing some neat music. Cindy was real little and had curly hair. She just laid her head on her Daddy’s shoulder, and her eyes sparkled at him. When we finished the song, Cova asked Cindy, "What do you want?"

Cindy answered her Dad so tenderly, "Dad, all I want is to be close to you!"

We returned to picking and grinning and that little girl just lay her head near the heart beat of her Father.

With tears in my eyes, I know how many times I have approached the Father with all my needs and wants, and forgot about those special times, with my head on my Father’s chest! Thank God for all His presents, but I must lay my head on His chest and hear the Divine Heart Beat!

Only one was recorded as laying his head on Jesus’ chest, John. The others may have, but we know John knew the heart beat of God. May our hearts be broken by what breaks Jesus’ heart!

I just want to know Him. I must be near, Father can I serve You? I take so much, teach me how to return Your Love.


Genesis 3, tells how God would come down and walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. I ponder, what did they talk about? I ponder, How beautiful the Creator enjoying his creation? I ponder, Does God ever want to come walk with us? God help me to walk with You. Teach me TO PRAY, and talk with You.

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