Summary: Preaching Christ without compromise.

The ancient practices of voodoo run rampant in my part of the country. It has been suffocating at times to take a stand for the truth and not waver. I am seeing the effects of these beliefs destroy the youth and the children of our city. Preachers of old had never challenged the strongholds of religion and heathen customs.

I have seen for myself that anytime you compromise the truth of God to fit the standard of a culture, you stand in the shoes of a hypocrite. Anytime you water down the pure love of Christ to make room for works of the flesh, you become an enemy to God.

Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 15:19, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ we are of men most pitiable". Paul knew that what Jesus stood for was worth more than the saving of human flesh. He knew that the righteousness that Jesus died for was worth far more than the years that this life had to offer. We live our life at times not realizing that this body will pass away. When it goes it will take with it the illusion that we are indispensable. It will rip apart the borders and guidelines of human flesh.

It is very dangerous for a Christian to compromise the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is very dangerous for you to take a stand that goes directly against one of the very things that led Him to the cross, His unwillingness to compromise Holiness.

You must stand for the sake of righteousness. You must declare your belief and declare it loudly. The world looks on and it is looking for any sign of weakness. It is looking for a compromised way to eternal life. Refuse to be the one that waters down the beauty of God’s word. Refuse to accept the beliefs of today’s society and tear down the alters built by man’s traditions and man’s own lust. Refuse to bow to anything that compromises the Gospel of Jesus. In Romans 1:16 Paul boasts loudly that He is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. He paid a price for that zealous love. Sometimes he preached Christ alone, but preached Christ still. I have preached His truth without compromise and was threatened and told that I was walking on sacred ground. I did not quit. I preached it until I saw altars being demolished and a faith in Him rise up in hearts that were once blinded by lies. Never quit preaching truth for it is the power of God to salvation!

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