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Summary: If the heavens and the earth declare HIS GLORY, today, what do your eyes behold? It is my Sunday off from preaching and this thought from Psalm 19 came to me as I asked myself the question. Here's what I learned...

If the heavens and the earth declare HIS GLORY, today, what do your eyes behold?

It is my Sunday off from preaching and this thought from Psalm 19 came to me as I asked myself the question and I texted a dozen or so who share the kindred SPIRIT.

I pondered this thought as I was outdoors enjoying the colors of Autumn and thinking about the bigger picture of the whole cycle of the tree from death to life to bud, blossom and bloom, to leaf then fruit and the colorful changes of the late season and then of course the falling leaves for food and nourishment for the next generation or season of life. This is a grand design of the Great CREATOR and HIS Masterpiece spread out all over the earth for the world to see HIS GLORY.

Too many times in life we only look at the season we are facing and miss out on the bigger picture.

I love the verse(s) so often repeated throughout scripture that says, "and it came to pass".

We need remember that whether facing mountain top (full color) experiences or the shadows of the deepest darkest depths of winter. HE is there shaping our lives to HIS purpose in History. And all these things will soon pass. But it's what we do with that moment, whether we learn or turn, whether we remain steadfast and faithful or deny HIS presence. HE said in HIS WORD, I will never leave nor forsake you,

This is MY Promise.

HE will continue to do the work that HE has started in us, we can live the full life HE offers if we would only surrender to HIS will, power and presence in our lives.

So today as I look at the brilliant colors of Autumn, I see HIS GLORY. As I think through each season in the life of a tree, and ponder my own existence... as I go through these seasons in my life, I still see HIS GLORY in my very own life. HE is molding me with HIS personal touch as the Potter with the Clay; Sharpening me with the two Edges of HIS WORD;

Leading me by the still small voice of HIS SPIRIT;

And showing me HIS GRACE AND MERCY and LOVE by HIS own blood on the cross.

HE has everything I need.

Living life with all our mistakes and the sins we bare, we must fully rely on Jesus as HE commands us to put our burdens upon HIM and take HIS yoke, HIS leading.

Some people say, "all I need is Jesus", but when it comes to HIS forgiveness and presence in my life, and my abilities and capabilities, and HIS promise of Eternal life to all who believe in HIM;

what I've come to realize is this...

All I 'have'...is Jesus.

Without Christ, I 'have' nothing. No forgiveness, no grace, no hope, no future.

So if I have nothing, I 'am' nothing.

Yet, I realize that With Christ, I 'have' everything, I 'have' it all and more than what I could ever imagine. My life is completed by HIM. Therefore to 'have' Christ, is to 'have' everything. If I have everything, then my life is important here. I am somebody!

And in CHRIST JESUS, I have and am to Declare HIS GLORY.

HIS GLORY IS ALL I HAVE NEED OF IN MY LIFE. And in that day when I enter into HIS Presence in ETERNITY, I will know and experience the fullness of HIS GLORY.

Today, I strive to 'see' HIS GLORY revealed by HIS GRAND DESIGN all around me.

Today, HIS BLESSINGS AND GLORY encompass and surround you...run, walk, stand, sit, lie down and rest in it.

Be Blessed in your spirit today…

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