Summary: We as believers must realize that no one can help us like GOD can.

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If the LORD does not help you, who will?


Text: 2 Kings 6: 24-27

And it came to pass after this, that Ben-hadad king of Syria gathered all his host, and went up, and besieged Samaria. [25] And there was a great famine in Samaria: and, behold, they besieged it, until an ass’s head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a cab of dove’s dung for five pieces of silver. [26] And as the king of Israel was passing by upon the wall, there cried a woman unto him, saying, Help, my lord, O king. [27] And he said, If the Lord do not help thee, whence shall I help thee? out of the barnfloor, or out of the winepress?

Intro: This story begins with the besiegement of Samaria. When you begin to read you notice that it states, “ And it came to pass after this”, referring to a previous conflict between Syria and Samaria. Though the Syrians were giving mercy, with the man of GOD, the first time around; they decided to return and besiege Samaria. The story do not state why they have return, but it does state that this besiegement came at the most inopportune time. The people of Samaria were in the mist of a great famine, and when Syria decided besiege or cut off the supply routes; it made the current conditions of the famine worst. Understand, when the conditions turn for worst they began to panic. The state of panic they were in made them to become involved in activities that was unbecoming of them. They ate items that were ceremonially for them to eat, in addition they became cannibalistic in their appetites. They were eating their own children. My Brother and sisters there is a famine

Who can help you if the LORD does not? If we look too:

1. Businesses

a. Businesses are constantly raising prices

b. The majority of the products are not of good quality and no good

2. Government

a. Lack of government resources

b. Resources are being cut off

3. Our own family and friends

a. The destruction of family for survival

b. Friends will renege promises (The King is infuriated and goes to Elisha, the preacher)

Conclusion: Only GOD can help you.

2 Kings 7:1

Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the Lord; Thus saith the Lord, To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.

If you want the LORD to bless you must answer one question, explain

2 Kings 7: 3-4

And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die? [4] If we say, We will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but die.,

Are you going to sit still in your current situation and die; or look for something better and move towards your miracle and allow the LORD to have mercy on you.

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